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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Books Be Gone!

I ready every night before I go to bed
Sometimes chapters, but most often just pages.
I can't go to sleep without reading!

Most of my books come from the library,
my guilty pleasure -- cozy mysteries.

The books on my shelves, however,
are garden books, books about England, old novels,
and favorite authors who might not fall in any of those categories.

Way too many books.
It looks like the shelves of a book hoarder!

Way too many books for the delicate bamboo table

When it got too windy to be outside,
I came in with the intention of clearing the clutter from those very shelves.
I had resolve!

The books on the left are library books
As they are read, they are returned and when the shelf is empty
(or my time runs out -- whichever comes first)
I go check out some more!

The CD player is on the left
For music at night when I'm reading
or whenever I'm working upstairs

Will make dusting much easier.
Or perhaps it will make dusting possible!

I always have flowers on my night table,
a lamp to read,
a clock for time
and my latest book and (sigh) glasses!

Now my "bottom" is as tidy as my top!

It's glorious on the prairie today and I've windows open.
The fresh air even smells like spring!


Entertaining Women said...

Oh my, I so need to edit many many books. Sweet Mister has more trouble passing them on than I. The bamboo table is a great design. I really like it...cluttered with beloved books or relieved of the extra weight. Thanks for the inspiration and the peek. Cherry Kay

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sometimes, you just have to move the piles! We tend to end up with too many magazines waiting. Cute bedside table and those flowers are so sweet.

From the Kitchen said...

And, some of the best mysteries are English!!


Martha said...

From the Kitchen -- they are, they are!

Marilyn Miller said...

I also cannot go to sleep without reading, so I fully understand your pile of books. I say it is an addiction.