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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Egg Tree, Second Chapter

Twenty two years ago
we took a Lenten trip to Germany
We were enchanted  with Germany
(the country of my ancestors)

Rottenburg, one of the most picturesque town in Germany

But the thing that enchanted me the most
was the Easter Egg trees in the dining rooms of the bed and breakfasts we stayed at.
Humble branches brought inside
and hung with decorated hens eggs.

It was a tradition that I wanted to embrace
And so, off to Woolworth's we went
(for one of our innkeepers said that that was where theirs had come from)
And I bought a dozen eggs to bring home
For a souvenir and for a tradition

We've always brought branches in
(as the Germans did)
Always put them in either a blue and white ginger jar or a blue and white vase
And hung the eggs from them
And always in the dining room

The eggs, hand painted in Germany
(although they don't say that)

We've had a couple of casualties but we've continued to hang them from our tree

We were happy this weekend to do the Easter Egg Tree, Second Chapter

 As we dyed and decorated real hens eggs
(that we blew out with a needle and lots of deep breaths)

 And decorated with stickers and drawings (or both)
Daughter Sarah, Sarah's mother-in-law, Linda and me!
Grandgirl Lucy kept us company in her high chair
as we worked at the dining room table

One of the things I brought when I came for the visit
was some branches from our redbud tree

Sarah put the vase of branches in the living room
And hung our hand decorated eggs from it's branches.
For Grandgirl Lucy's first Easter

Some day, Lucy, will have Nana's eggs,
the eggs that Nana bought all those years ago in Germany
But until that time, she'll have her own memory eggs
to put on her Easter tree
for we dated them all
And each one of us signed one of them.

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch


Rebecca said...

Beautiful! Now this is something I can do while recovering from surgery :) I was feeling a bit sorry that I couldn't decorate as I hoped for Easter...but I can see the way to do this!

Your German-painted eggs are SO attractive.

Canadian Chickadee said...

That's lovely! Such a nice idea. I like to hear about traditions and how they start. Blessings to you now and at Easter, xoxo

Deb said...

I love this, Martha.

Seaview said...
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Seaview said...

Hi Martha....thanks for the beautiful little photo of ROTHENBERG, Germany..
We spent three weeks in Ansbach visiting friends and was a family daughters wedding..absolutely beautiful...and the Easter eggs are a joyful memory.

Michelle said...

So pretty! Love Easter time! Enjoy your time with your sweet family! xo, M

Marilyn Miller said...

Love this idea! Very festive and perfect for Easter celebrating.