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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two Luncheons - One Centerpiece

This was my week of luncheons
One on Monday for St. Patrick's Day
and my Irish friends

And one on Monday
for the Lunch Bunch plus one!

The flowers in the market were sad
But not a big pot of violas
And I knew that it would work splendidly as a centerpiece

On the lace cloth
And on Monday a leprechaun left some gold covered chocolate coins

I always do an "Irish Farmhouse" luncheon on St. Patrick's Day
(the corned beef and cabbage is always for dinner)
My Spode transfer ware, a menu with a drawing of an Irish farmhouse

Irish linen napkins in silver rings
It's not an "American" St. Patrick's table
But rather one that one might find in a farmhouse in Ireland
if the mistress of the farmhouse had company for lunch!

Blue and white dishes, white damask linen napkins and a riot of yellow violas for the centerpiece

My Irish friends enjoyed my simple lunch
of creamy Irish potato and rosemary soup, Irish soda bread, and a salad of Kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.    Dessert was more American than Irish -- a creme de menthe cake which was green (from the creme de menthe) but had a chocolate and a whipped cream topping.
(It tasted like a Girl Scout thin mint cookie!)

And on Wednesday,
The Lunch Bunch plus one
The one being the daughter of one Lunch Buncher
She was in town and we switched days so she could come

The same tablecloth, napkins and centerpiece

But the Aynsley Pembroke china, a menu with yellow violas on it,
and some wee iron birds that were a Christmas gift from the Lunch Bunch one year

I adore birds, in dishes and on the table
And admired the Pembroke for a long long time
And having given my Wedgwood to Daughter Sarah when she married,
I could indulge in the Pembroke

It is amazing, isn't it
What a change of dish ware can do to change a table!
A whole new look!

And a whole new menu!
A tea room lunch -- we started with the silver basket full of miniature cheddar herb scones which had been dipped in butter, the entree was cream of white bean soup and a pasta salad -- sun dried tomatoes and arugula with bow tie pasta salad.     And dessert was a Meyer lemon curd tartlet -- my own lemon curd in a tartlet shell and decorated with a candied lemon slice and more of the yellow violas.

It's Thursday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Tablescape Thursday


Canadian Chickadee said...

I don't often entertain any more, but a good friend (well, actually she was my maid of honour, lo, these many years ago) and a friend are coming for dinner in a few days, and I'm already having fun planning what sort of table setting and menu I'm going to have. You're so right about the way a few small changes can change the entire look of the table. That's what makes it all so much fun! Thanks for sharing. Love to the doggies. xoxox

Winnie said...

You set an amazing table. Such an eye for details. That menu sounds so delicious too. I have to work on my scones, as they are never as tasty as I want them to be. Thanks for the visit yesterday!

Winnie said...

You set an amazing table. Such an eye for details. That menu sounds so delicious too. I have to work on my scones, as they are never as tasty as I want them to be. Thanks for the visit yesterday!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Such a lovely centerpiece - Like a pot of gold for your Irish luncheon and always a breath of spring! Your menus are delightful.

Lulu said...

No matter what my centerpiece, I like to use it more than once. You certainly show how different the same thing can be in a changed setting.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

The change of china does give the table a different look and the flowers in the centre looked nice with both.
Your menu for each lunch sounded delicious, the lemon curd tart would be my favourite dessert.

Anonymous said...

Love both looks, and your centerpiece is gorgeous!