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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wax Flowers

In the winter I buy flowers
mostly at Wal Mart
our only choice in flower purchasing.

But they do have decent flowers
mostly carnations, roses,  alstroemeria 
big garish bouquets of unnaturally colored flowers.
At $4 to $5 a bouquet, I can have flowers all winter long!

Of course, at Christmas, we have poinsettias
And in January and February, we have the bulbs --
the hyacinths and the paperwhites.

But, I am always so happy when tulips come!
I know that Spring isn't far behind
And I'll gladly eat a can of soup in order to have tulips on the table!

Yesterday, at Trader Joe's, they have a plethora of flowers
daffs (for only $1.49 a bunch), hydrangeas, tulips, mix bouquets,
freesias (which smelled heavenly), roses and this little bouquet
of wax flowers.

The wax flowers were pink and were only $2.99
and except for the daffs were the cheapest of all the bouquets.

So I bought them!
For my bedside table

 And I think they're quite handsome!
For they look like wildflowers!

And make me smile last thing at night
And first thing in the morning.

But there were more than the julep cup would hold

An antique ginger jar held a wee bouquet

Which lends a spot of color to our green and white bathroom

And . . .

An old Mason's pitcher held the last of them

which replaced the fading paperwhites on the breakfast table

A lot of mileage out of $3.00, methinks!

We'll see how long these little flowers last.
And if they last long enough, I may be looking for wax flowers!

It's Saturday and I'm joining Beverly for Pink Saturday.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

That is a lot of milage out of $3.
I got some green carnations for $3 on the discount rack this week at the grocery store. I swear they were happy to have a home as they look good. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

Marilyn Miller said...

I have seen them at the market, but passed them by. I think I will have to reconsider, those little wax flowers look just perfect.

bj said...

These are just adorable...I am going to treat myself to a little bouquet next time I'm at the market.....
xoxo bj