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Sunday, April 27, 2014

In The Garden . . .

It's been a cold April
And so I've not been out in the garden

But this weekend . . .
I bought
I planted
I watered
And I am awaiting the result.

Often in perennial beds, I'll stick a pot of annuals
To insure something is always blooming

I fell in love with these huge creamy marigolds!

And although they are a creamy white,
they still have a marigold fragrance

And in the garden light

A replacement rosemary

It was a hard and cold winter

And I lost this big guy!
But rosemary's don't like cold!
It was about 9 years old
And provided a lot of flavor to a lot of meals
And a lot of sweet treats!

And other herbs I replaced . . .

Some chives,

Some dill
(I didn't lose it this winter . . . but I've not had luck getting it to reseed)

And some lovage and tarragon

Oh and a new pair of garden gloves
Orange should be easy to find in the garden, don't you think?

The tarragon in the back of one of the herb beds

True French Tarragon, the only kind to plant!

And lovage -- which is a celery flavored herb!
This year, I'll have a whole row of it!

But you can't just plant herbs --
You need flowers!

White geraniums in the Guy Wolfe pots on the patio tables.

Their flowers are so pretty.

And not for me, but for Daughter Sarah

A rose geranium plant -- a "daughter" (or great great great) of one that
I've had "forever" -- at least 25 years!

I love to see the garden "awake" -- from dirty to little plants to a lush garden.   

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday


Sarah said...

I've been in my garden all weekend. So much to do this time of year! Happy spring to you. Thanks for sharing your pretty blooms.

Bernideen said...

Love your herbal entries here in the garden and I have experienced the same need to replace from time to time.

Barbara said...

Isn't it fun?! I love nothing better than being in the garden. The forecast around here is for unseasonably warm temps this week so I am headed to the nursery for annuals. Time to plant my containers!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I love those creamy marigolds, too...I am amazed at how much sooner your spring seems to come compared to us.

Pat said...

Oh, dear friend. . .you're W A Y ahead of me in the Herb Garden!!!
I, too, lost my Rosemary this Winter. Sad, as I've had that plant since we arrived on this side of the Prairie 12 years ago. However, the chive, dill and thyme are thriving. . .and need the other plants (deceased) taken out. I have a plan this weekend. . .we'll see if the weather co~operates!!!
I love the creamy white flowers!!!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

All your new plantings look great. I always like to choose bright garden gloves so they're easy to find. I hope the storms missed you and your garden.

Pondside said...

You've been busy!
I smiled at your comment on your orange gloves being easy to find. I buy the brightest gloves I can find, and I think I'll have to paint the handle of my trowel in a florescent shade - for the same reason!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Martha,
How lovely your garden is! all those wonderful flowers and veggies you will enjoy. Gary and I are working in our yard trying to make it come back to life..
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Marilyn Miller said...

Love seeing your garden growing. One of my favorites are those scented geraniums and then lemon verbena for a refreshing summer tisane.