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Friday, May 9, 2014

Finally -- Out in the Garden

It's been a wild April and early May
at Linderhof
We spent the end of April and the first week in May
in Minnesota
Alas, no time in the garden
And the garden centers are bursting with plants.

But after breakfast this morning,
I was out and about

pulling weeds from not only the herb beds
but from between the brick paths in  the herb garden

And as I thought, not only was my rosemary a casualty of the winter
But so was my bed of lavender
Sigh -- I will have to begin a new.

But a quick shower and off I went to meet a friend for 
And then, after, we went to a couple of garden centers
on the hunt for plants

 A boxwood in a planter
Some white angolina in the pot on the left and a succulent in the pot on the right
In front of the pots, the shoe scraper
Every garden needs one!

With the pansies in the planter, my new plantings
the garden is looking more and more groomed!

There is still a lot more work to do
And I'm busy this weekend!

In the garden, there is blooming

One of the knock out roses
Well, all of them actually, the whole line
And they are gorgeous
They didn't get their "haircut" this year
They never got pruned!
So they are especially tall and lush!


The wisteria
Which bookends the William Baffin rose
In may the arbor is a riot of pink and purple!

We still have to sweep the patio and bag the bushels of leaves that fell since last fall
Then and only then will the garden be ready to receive company.

But gardens are not for impatient people
for it takes time to have a pretty garden
Whether that time is in one massive weekend long block
or a little bit every day.

I'm the "little bit every day" school of gardener
As an English gentlemen said to me when we were in Cheddar, England when asked the secret to their beautiful gardens.    "We tend to it a little bit every day . . . .
for hundreds of years."


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You garden is looking so nice this spring. Sorry about the rosemary and lavender. It has been too windy and cold here too then too hot for a couple of days. Today was just right and I spent some time outside as well. Next week, I hope to get some bedding plants. Time for something on the patio.

Barbara said...

What a charming garden space with the brick design and containers! I am going to "steal" the quote from the man in England. That is SO true, a little every day which how I prefer to spend my days as it is :)

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I like your English style herb garden area. My lavender was given an extreme cut back to take out the old woody stalks and rejuvenate the plants, now they need some heat to grow.

lindaraxa said...

I could never be a farmer. There's too much disappointment in it.

Don't feel bad, everyone's lavender and rosemary bit the dust. Funny how the weeds didn't...gotta get a shoe scrapper for the garden. Great idea.

Kathy said...

I love the quote from the English gentleman, too! Takes some of the pressure out of gardening if you follow his philosophy.

Michelle said...

Was just chatting with another mom at school pick up yesterday and she lost her Rosemary and Lavendar this winter too. She had them several years. Your Knock-Out looks great. I just had to tear out 7 of them that I had planted around an armillary. They looked like they had Rose Rosette Disease...they had all the signs and symptoms and 3 didn't survive the winter. I planted a pretty lavendar Angelonia in my front (southern) porch planters and back deck planters a couple weeks ago and they are taking off. Love getting glimpses into your garden!