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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Arboretum

A trip to Minnesota always finds us at

It's nice on a nice Sunday afternoon to get out and get some fresh air
And it's fun to see what is in bloom or in bud --

It's early in Minneapolis, the early bulbs are the only things blooming
Some perennials are poking their noses above ground
But not all!

There still might be a freeze before true warm weather comes!

I fell in love with these squills and decided that I need some for Linderhof's garden

A crocus here and there . . . but not many

And some nice plantings of

Mostly purple ones
The smell near those beds was heavenly!

And in the beds and beds of tulips
They were growing
Some were in bud
And a few

Were in bloom -- like this beautiful yellow one

Inside . . . 

We found this annual tree . . . 
A poinsettia tree at Christmas -
An orchid tree in winter
Now holding the annuals that will be placed in the gardens outside

Daughter Sarah's favorite . . . 

A pink and white begonia

My favorite

A red one -- that looks more like a rose.

An Arboretum visit is always a must when we visit.
Grandgirl Lucy has spent many miles on the paths at the Arboretum

And it was nice to get out and about!


Southerncook said...

I did not know that you were away visiting Sarah and Grand Girl. Loved your post and I think I really like Sarah's choice of pink and white begonias. I came upon some gorgeous pink and blue hydrangeas today at TJ's that were gorgeous (mine of course are not blooming yet, still a little early) but I am thinking I need some in pots that are already blooming and then transplant to the garden when they outgrow the pot. They look so beautiful scattered on my front porch. Most of our Spring blooming plants are already spent such as dogwoods, daffodils azalea's, tulip trees, so we now are looking forward to summer blooming plants to do their thing. The roses, crepe myrtle, daylilies, hibiscus(these have so many different varieties, dbls, singles in so many amazing colors) and so much more. It is evolving so fast that it makes my head spin. But the challenge of gardening is finding what appeals to you. Hopw you come away with lots and lots of ideas from the Arboretum.


Pondside said...

I can imagine that the air smelled wonderful in the arboreatum!