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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Last Change?

A burlap tablcloth
under a square lace tablecloth

  A week ago Friday
I rearranged the breakfast room
On Sunday
I traded tables
The English walnut oval one for the small round front porch wicker one

When I first moved the little round table in
I put an old green damask tablecloth  over it
(to hide the wicker -- for it didn't seem like a wicker room!)
And layered a beige round over that
And then a white bridge cloth over that
(for Husband Jim tends to be messy!)

I like the smaller round table
It's cozier
It is a breakfast room
And it's just the two of us!

And in looking at the space, I felt that the tablecloth to the floor
really looked good in that room
A room with all hard surfaces
Three walls of windows, a brick floor, a leggy sideboard and a leggy stove
and two leggy chairs!

I didn't need to see table legs!

But the old green damask cloth . . . 
Not a forever -- just a place holder!

I looked on line for either linen or burlap tablecloths
And found some very pricey ones!
But on Etsy, I found a faux burlap
(husband Jim, remember)
And at a reasonable price.
it came in the size I needed -- 90 inches!

I ordered
It came
I put it on 
As well as the old square lace tablecloth
And I like the look.
The burlap is textural which is what that "garden room" needs
Something earthy and real
The lace adds more texture
And I like the neutrality of it all.

I'm not sure that I will even look for another table.

For I think this little table
And it's new cover
are perfect!

And until Fall, when the plants come in,
this room has had it's last change!


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Marilyn Miller said...

Oh I love it. The linen table cloth is indeed just right.

Pondside said...

The cloth is perfect - I love the whole look of the breakfast room.

Canadian Chickadee said...

How clever! I probably wouldn't have thought of burlap but it looks perfect with the old brick! xoxox

Seaview said...

Oh I love it toooooo!
Very charming !

Deb said...

Your table looks beautiful. Deb

Pat said...

I l o v e the new tablecloth, dear friend!!!
I agree, totally, that burlap adds the texture and the "Garden" themed appeal!!! I'm loving the draping all the way to the floor!!!
The other factor I am swooning over is the continual photos of the black furniture piece!!! Keep those coming!!!
I'll be looking for a floor length tablecloth, soon. . .

Sandra Lee said...

Very cozy area the cloths look great!