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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ironing Day

The washing machine and dryer are in the cellar
And so is the ironing board

It's not the most pleasant place to iron
but the plus is that it is always set up
Always ready for a quick press

I love my linens
I love ironing my linens
And I use a Lemon Verbena Ironing Water
which is nice for both table and bed linens

I iron:

my cotton shirts

I don't iron:

Husband Jim's clothes

I am a strange duck because I do like to iron
But as you notice, most of my ironing
is "flatwork"
So much easier to iron than sleeves and such!


Linda said...

I like ironing too. But I have to set up my board in the master bedroom. How to you make your verbena water?

Martha said...

I don't -- I buy it at TJ Maxx, Home Goods.

Canadian Chickadee said...

I still iron too, though it seems to have gone out of fashion. Nothing beats putting your head down on a freshly ironed pillowcase! <3

racheld said...

My beautiful big gleaming iron looks beseechingly at me from a 2"x4" shelf in our dumpy utility room, and the wonderful old V-legged wooden ironing board from a 1920s house is buried behind brooms and curtain rods in a little alcove beside the dryer.

I have the lovely ensemble, and I've always enjoyed ironing, even when I devoted a "day" to it every week, and took up most of it actually AT the board when all five of us at home wore cottons and nice items that needed pressing.

Now, not so much, but I'll bet I could iron a white shirt, a dress uniform, and a set of BDUs to regulation, creases and all.

Not to mention I learned on waffle pique' and dotted Swiss, which take extra padding on the board and have to be pressed on the wrong side, and a REAL cooked pan of gooey Faultless starch.

Dear Heavens!! Showing my age big-time.

Wow. You've conjured up a whole blog post---THANK YOU!

Tricia said...

Chalk me up as someone else who enjoys ironing! It's one of those jobs where you see instant results, unlike my "day job"! I learned as a child on my daddy's handkerchiefs and pillowcases, then was "allowed" to move up to his dress shirts. My husband loves linen shirts in the hot Texas summer, so I usually iron several of those each week. I need to check into the scented ironing water!

Seaview said...

I LOVE ironing... Mindless and to iron flat sheet, pillow cases, dish towels etc. when I was a young girl my Dad wore a uniform for work. He was a police officer...I loved ironing his shirts ! My ironing board is always up in the spare bedroom. My kids iron everything too...that includes my son..LOL.. I love it..even if it's wrinkle free I need to touch up...
I like lavender water to iron with especially pillow cases!

Autumn's Glory said...

I enjoy ironing too. Would much prefer to do laundry over washing dishes any day. I iron almost everything...

Pat said...

I do L O V E to iron, too, dear friend!!!
Sometimes, I iron our pillowcases, but "Mr. Ed" thinks this is foolish!!! Again, no place to leave the ironing board up. . .so~o~o I have ironing marathons!!! Once the ironing board goes up. . .I could easily spend the day away there!!!

GardenOfDaisies said...

I bet the lemon verbena ironing water smells really fresh and clean.