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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lunch for Three

The Lunch Bunch comes once a month
or they did until this Spring and Summer
Between doctors visits and grandkids visiting and traveling . . .

Well, we've not been together since February!

And July was no exception
One of the Bunch had an out of town guest
I issued an invitation to join us . . .
But it was "talk shop" lunch and so she declined.
But the other two came and we had a good time
Even though I had just gotten home the night before from a week long trip
to Minneapolis
(the grand's first birthday bash!)

So with what my mother called 
"a lick and a promise"
I tidied the downstairs
Set the table with the best china and silver
Made a "from scratch" lunch
And was ready to greet my guests at noon

The lilies are blooming in the garden
But not these -- from the market
But had I had that many lilies in the garden,
they would have been on  the table!

Since it's just three
(and the garden was weedy and needy
So, alas, we were not lunching in the breakfast room
For the many "garden sins" were obvious!)
I set up in the dining room on one half of the dining room table.

With one of my Italian cloths,
The Aynsley Pembroke plates
And Grandmother Scott's silver
Italian napkins in silver napkin rings

And, of course, a menu for each place
With yellow lilies on them as well!

It was an easy lunch
A quick run to the store and some Farmer's market produce I brought home

We started with

What I call an "Italian" salad
Like so many we had in Italy 
Romaine, sliced tomatoes and topped with a mound of shredded carrots
All tossed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper
(And I used my "good" balsamic -- the really old balsamic!)

Fresh pasta sauce over angel hair pasta
Farmer's market cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic
And a goodly shower of freshly grated Parmesan
Rolls from the mark down bin, rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with fresh rosemary
And sea salt and then warmed in the oven

Summer is fruit and so a croustade
blueberry and peach
With a mound of cassis spiked whipped cream

They were amazed that I was able to have them for lunch the day after the trip
And were astounded at the meal.
"Takeout" said one, "is what I would have done!"
While the other nodded that only I could pull that off!

(And not only lunch but I also managed to wash, dry, fold and put away, the laundry we brought home from the trip!)

It's Thursday and I'm sharing my Lunch Bunch table with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch


Southerncook said...

You are absolutely amazing. What an incredible lunch and it looked delicious. Love that china pattern and particularly liked the fact that you served the salad on a clear salad plate, it showed off the dinner plate beautifully. Your salad looked so appetizing too. Excellent.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your table and home look great. The food looks delicious. You've even made menus for the guests! You ARE amazing!

Canadian Chickadee said...

Good for you! Your lunch menu sounds diviine -- and I'm very impressed that you got the laundry done too. xoxox

RachelD said...

Oh, My. I bow to your magnificence---all the lovely setting and scrumptious lunch and (dusting?) and Laundry, as well??

I might have got the menu IMAGINED on the plane, in the car, but a printed version, with lilies? I'm speechless, if all these words can be said to be my version of speechless.

says Rachel, who is positive that she can still see some of the still-packed clothes from the trip we DIDN'T take in June.