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Thursday, July 17, 2014

They Say It's Your Birthday . . . .

They Say It's Your Birthday . . . They Say It's Your Birthday . . . 

A year ago
we were in Minnesota
for a very special event . . . 

And today is Her Birthday
Grand Girl Lucy turns one!

A tradition started when
Daughter Sarah turned one . . . 

A hand painted toy trunk

Painted in the style of Holly Hobby
Popular when she was small
It's lived the test of time and Daughter Sarah took it to college with her
And on all of the moves after
And she still treasures it.

For Grand Girl Lucy
a joint gift from her parents and her grands
the chest a gift from her parents
the painting a gift from me

A new trunk
(for old trunks have lids that don't stay up and metal edges can hurt fingers)

Painted in the style of Tasha Tudor
of prairie girls at Daughter Sarah's request

Besides the girls and the gardens,
Sarah's cat on the left
Dog Doogie on the right

And on the side, our two corgis
Dolly on the left 
Our dear Ollie on the right

And Sarah's (and Lucy's) cat, Rome on this side

And the top is filled with flowers
and some surprises --
a robin, two chickadees, four leaf clovers, a squirrel and two butterflies
It will be fun for Lucy to find them

Lucy and her trunk
On her birthday


Francie Newcomb said...

Martha, this is stunning and a wonderful creation for your darling Lucy to enjoy and think of you forever.


Elizabethd said...

A perfect gift, which will become a family heirloom also.

Sandra said...

The best gift ever! What a wonderful idea; and so very special. The painting is beautiful and so full of thought. Such memories. I love it!

Tea Party said...

Thank you Martha for such a sweet post! I love your treasured traditions. What a beautiful trunk...your painting is just divine! All the very best 1st Birthday wishes to sweet Lucy <3

Deanna said...

Children are wonderful! Lovely chest.
Blessings 2 u,

Seaview said...

I love it Martha...Lucy has a true treasure !

Pat said...

An amazing choice for Grand Girl Lucy's 1st Birthday, dear friend!!!
The smile on her face is her nod of approval!!!

lucy said...

So special! Happy birthday sweet Lucy:-)

Entertaining Women said...

Such a priceless treasure for your sweet Lucy! I also painted toy boxes for our grandsons. Such a blessing to be asked. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

Rosemary said...

What a grand treasure chest! Love your artistic interpretations... and beautiful colors for such a darling little girl! She will treasure this for ever!

Bmore Bungalow said...

What a gorgeous chest! I'm sure she'll love it for many years to come.

Southerncook said...

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Grand Girl, Lucy. Martha, what a special gift for Lucy. One she will treasure forever and hopefully pass down to her own children. What a wonderful story she will have to tell about her grand mother hand painting the chest. Lucy is absolutely gorgeous.

Our Little Turner, my last grand I think, will be one next month. I will need to think of a special surprise for her.


Deb said...

Oh my goodness, that is precious. You are so talented, Martha. She will treasure that, for sure. Deb

Michelle said...

Love the picture of little Lucy in her trunk...she is adorable! And you my friend, are amazing! You are a woman of so many talents! Beautiful trunk!