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Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Finally Fall!

Or will be at 10 something tonight

Most years we relish fall
for summer has been both hot and dry
And we're ready for cooler weather
And perhaps some fall rains.

But this year, summer has been pleasant
A few weeks of really hot weather
But mostly it was cooler and wetter than normal.

The perfect summer?

And once fall comes

We buy jack o lantern pumpkins for the front of the house
Used as pumpkins until Halloween
when they'll be carved into scary jack-o-lanterns

And in the back garden, 

We've planted mums in the armillary planter in the herb garden
And some pansies as well

The first of the pie pumpkins that decorate the house
until we decide to eat them!

Made into gratin, pie, bread or muffins

And a fall tradition
But the reward is not until next Spring

This year I got greedy and bought two bags
White daffs and red and white tulips
I'll plant them in big bunches for impact

I almost can't wait until Spring!

And a bowl of perfect apples on the sideboard
For snacking

And a big basket of apples
(a gift from friend Mary Ann)
for apple chutney and apple butter

I made a recipe of each on Sunday
And they're on the shelves in the cellar.

I love the natural decorations of fall,
the mums, the pumpkins, the apples

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Met Monday


Sonny G said...

I can almost smell those apples ,Martha.

58 this morning when I got up but its all still green in nc.

ps- could you tell the forum I am unable to log in:( I've tried everything.
might have to open a new account with a new email addy. if that doesnt work- I'm gonna cry.

Martha said...

Sure Sonny -- I had that problem on another forum -- finally after about six months I was able to get back on --

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Summer hasn't been too bad. Hope fall is nice as well. We had frost in our area recently, but my garden is still fine. I too have bulbs ready to plant and the houseplants are moving indoors!

Pat said...

Happy Autumn (almost), dear friend!!!
I love your pumpkins bunched together awaiting the ritual of jack~o`~lantern carving, apples and mums all speak to me of Autumn.
Our son, Bill, brought a sack of apples, so I made baked apples for dessert this evening and the house smells of Autumn!!!
Enjoy these cool mornings and evenings, dear friend!