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Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's The Little Things

We've lived at Linderhof for a long time
Big changes were done eons ago
When we first moved in

But houses still can have little changes
Little improvements 

Things that need changing and you finally do!

And in the master bedroom

For years I've had this "dust ruffle" on the Master bed
I call them "dust ruffle" because that's what I grew up calling them
That was before they became as "bed skirts"!

It doesn't make much of a statement
It came with one of the comforters that I had on the bed
And it just stayed!
Because it was so "plain vanilla" it never clashed with what was on top
And it also seemed to have the
"high pockets" look -- like guys whose pants are just a bit too short

And then I got an L L Bean Home catalogue
And fell in love

With this tucked and crocheted "dust ruffle"
(only if you look to order it on-line, you need to look under "bed skirts")

I think it looks smashing on the bed
An old fashioned quality to the dust ruffle
Which goes well with the English duvet and the sweet wallpaper in the Master bedroom

And in the kitchen
I've always hated the fact that there were so few drawers
And the "miscellaneous" drawer was the smallest of all
See the top drawer in the picture below
(that was the drawer for all of those needed utensils!)
The other two drawers were big deep drawers
Which would hold a lot but then you'd never be able to find anything!
(I use them for dish towels and cloths and casual tablecloths)

And then I got the idea of taking a door off of the cabinet below
Buy some baskets and put the extra stuff in the baskets
A perfect solution
And the cost . . . just the price of a basket
And they are handy!

Why it took me over 20 years to think of it, I'll not know
But it did!
Now, however, it is the perfect solution!

It's Monday and my small changes -- my "Little Things" are being shared with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Canadian Chickadee said...

Sometimes the small changes make the biggest impact. As some wit once said, "It's not the elephants in life, it's the gnats!" Dealing with a small thing, like lack of storage in the kitchen, can become a very big thing indeed over time.

Love the new dust ruffle/bed skirt with the eyelet trim. Looks very smart. xoxox

Elizabethd said...

How lovely your bed looks now. We call the bed skirts 'valances'in England!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

The dust ruffle (I call them that too) looks great! Nice idea using the baskets in your cabinet. I have some bins that house similar items on some shelves too.

Pat said...

The dust ruffle is exquisite in your Master Bedroom, dear friend!!!
Great minds!!!
When we painted the dark mahogany cabinets Paperwhite, I had "Mr. Ed" leave one of the bottomcabinet doors off and I, too, have baskets in its place. One of my storage baskets holds those plastic storage contaners and their lids and the other holds cleaning towels and cloths.
Thanks for sharing "The Little Things" that mean a lot in our homemaking!