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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Small Batch Canned Peaches In Amaretto Syrup -- My Version

A nice surprise was at the Farmer's Market this morning
Tree ripened peaches

I came home with a big sack
for I intended to follow Lindaraxa's lead
when she did a post on 

Lindaraxa is one of my favorite blogs
And I was intrigued by her
"three only" quarts of canned peaches for the winter

And there, at the Farmer's Market, was the product I needed
to make my own!

I followed her instructions to the letter

And like her,
 I have three jars of these wonderful peaches
to be opened in the winter
as a taste of summer.

Mother always canned peaches in the summer
A whole bushel and we usually ate them as a fruit dessert
Until they were gone.
I so remember those peaches
I was so fond of those peaches
Mother, however, would never have added Amaretto to the syrup.

It's almost as if I wish we'd get a snow soon
So that I can open a jar of these wonderful peaches.

Now my quandary is this . . . 
Do I follow Lindaraxa's lead and only can these 3 jars
Or do I put more away for this winter?


RachelD said...

What a lovely taste of Summer, shining in those jars! And Amaretto is one of the two alcohol drinks I've ever found to my taste, so I have some in the house.

You could just make up a bushel, a three-some at a time, so that when the unexpected next-to-next-to-last snow sneaks up on you, you'll have another jar to fulfill those longings til canning time comes round again.

Simply lovely.


Kay said...

Pure poetry would be to do just these three special jars this year. Next year, luxuriate in dozens.

Pondside said...

What a treat those peaches will be in the middle of winter. If you have the time and energy, why not do some more? I imagine that they'll feature at one or more of your dinner parties, and there really should be some just for you.

lindaraxa said...

You did it! There are still tree ripened peaches at my grocery store and every time I go by I am tempted. I have a very small family so three is enough for me. There's also all the Fall fruit ahead of us, some of which you can also can. This is so easy you can make another round in no time. There are white apricots now out there and they are very tempting.

As to the amaretto, add it skip it, or added later to ice cream with it. I added it to two of the jars and left one virgin. It's up to you.

The moral of the post is that canning doesn't have to be overwhelming if you only make a few jars.

Pat said...

Your peaches look divinely delicious, dear friend!!!
I have to share a "small town" story. . .
my dear sweet neighbor lady in Prescott had gotten to the Golden Years of her life and no longer did the things from her youth for her sons and grands. However, just before their Labor Day visit, she would buy canned peaches from the grocery, take them home and insert them into canning jars for the annual Family Boating Trip to Grand Lake, OK. All the grands would brag on Grandmother's Home canned Peaches! I've never told the family. . .it was our secret. Thanks for the memory.
Now. . .about wishing for those days of first snow. . .I'm ready!