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Monday, October 6, 2014

Plant Moving Day

Plant Moving Day
usually comes a little later
than the very first of October!

In fact, Columbus Day is the day of choice for moving the plants in!

But a prediction of 36 degrees Friday night
prompted me to get busy

To pot up some herbs and geraniums to bring inside

To change the arrangement of the breakfast room yet again
And then
haul and tote all of those big planters inside!

I do like the new arrangement of the breakfast room better
The stove is where you can still see if from the table
(important this winter when it snows -- for I love to watch snow and fire at the same time!)

And the southern and western exposure should be good for the plants.
Plenty of light for them this winter!

Of course, I bring some herbs in --
the bay
and for the kitchen

A pot of chives and a pot of parsley

And as it does in October, when we have a cold snap
It warms right back up . . . 
But at least the plants will have a chance to get used to lower light
the furnace comes on!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Barbara said...

If we have to have snow then watching it along with the fire is perfect! We are having Indian Summer here in Western WA presently but I am beginning to bring plants in, too.

Seaview said...

Love to watch the snow falling when the fire is glowing ! Question on the geraniums. My mother inlaw has kept here's for years . She passed in Jan. So this summer we took them home..they bloomed the hard you cut them back..or what is your winter care for them ?
Also I giving your pecan cookies a try today..can't wait !

Martha said...

Seaview -- email me at regarding the geraniums.

GardenOfDaisies said...

I need to check the weather and possibly move my herbs indoors. Usually I can wait til the end of the month.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Hello Martha! I love how you bring your plants back into the sunroom for the winter. I would love to do that here, but Gilda EATS plants, and I don't have enough places to park plants that she cannot reach.

It's hard enough just to manage the few Christmas cactii that I have from my grandmother's plant.

As for overwintering geraniums -- PLEASE do a blog post about it. I've heard so many methods -- including hanging the bare root plants upside down in the cellar! (Our church sexton did that; it worked.)

How do you do it?
We still have blooming geraniums and I'd LOVE to save them. As for our basil, it's lost under MASSES of tomato plants -- I can't find it anymore!

Love your pictures -- Cass