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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Presto -- Pesto!

Friday night was predicted to be cold
Around 36 --
That is cold for Kansas in early October.

Which means that my pesto making
got moved up a few days!

For basil does not like to be cold!
And I can't imagine a winter without pesto in the freezer!

With garlic and olive oil and Anna Pump's recipe
And some walnuts
And my trusty food processor . . .

I got three jars of pesto.
Not a lot as some years
But then I didn't plant as many plants this year as I have in the past!

It will be doled out for special occasions
And no eating straight from the jar with a spoon!

Last year . . .
It was mid October before I made my pesto

And I got four jars!

In 2010, the harvest was splendid
10 jars of pesto for the freezer

And it was the first of November before I had to harvest the basil!
A warm fall, it seems!

In 2009, it was a bumper crop of basil --
Almost a dozen jars!
All put up in mid October!

In 2008, I had just started my blog,
And I shared my annual pesto making
Five jars
But it was an early picking,
A September picking
There was more to come in October
before the first frost.

I love making pesto
We adore pesto --
A spoonful in vegetable soup,
A spoonful in creamy tomato soup, 
A pesto mayonnaise made by adding a spoonful to mayonnaise
before spreading on a turkey or chicken sandwich
A couple of spoonfuls over the top of pasta
(I prefer angel hair)
And then a shower of Parmesan to finish it off.
A half cup or so poured over a block of cream cheese
makes a good appetizer,
Spread on brucheta before topping with tomatoes

We love using lots of basil in the summer
And we pick freely
Making sure that we clip the blossoms as soon as they appear.
But, perhaps our most favorite way of eating basil
is the winter pesto!


Rosemary said...

What a beautiful harvest! I love the smell in the kitchen on pesto making day! Wish I had your bountiful harvest in my freezer...

marilyn r said...

I love your pesto strategy: Freeze processed oil, basil, and garlic. Later add nuts and cheese when using. Unfortunately, this year we used up all of the basil as it matured. So, there is none to freeze. So, I am stuck with the bought stuff.

3 jars to put up. Lucky you!!