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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Frank's Giving Day

Do you celebrate 
Happy Frank's Giving Day?

As with legends like The Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus,
on the Fourth Thursday in November,

Happy Frank

comes visiting
and bearing gifts

But not for children,
But for pet dogs!

Happy Frank, you see, only rewards pet dogs
(not pet cats nor pet rabbits nor pet fish nor any other creature
that uprights fancy as a pet)

But it is only good dogs!

Dion said so!
(Dion is a Cavalier who allowed the uprights of That Old House to live with him)

And what Dion says, goes . . . 

At least our Corgi Oliver thinks so!

Both Dion and Oliver has crossed the rainbow bridge
But not before Oliver shared the story of Happy Frank

With Young Miss Dolly
Who shared it with Doogie!

In fact all this week, they've spent most their time outside . . . 

Watching for Happy Frank!

 I think that Happy Frank is not one person but many people.    The people that share the table at Thanksgiving.     The dropped food and the nibbles handed down to an eager canine are the gifts from those Happy Franks!

But to keep the legend alive,
I decided to make a treat for the pups

Homemade Dog Biscuits

Full of peanut butter and oatmeal and all things good for dogs!

A bowlful each shall be their "gift" from Happy Frank!

Doogie is a little skeptical about Happy Frank
He thought he might mull it over a bit!
Besides, it's cold outside at the gate!
And he of little fur can't take the cold like Miss Dolly!

This Thanksgiving . . . 
Remember everyone at the Family Table
. . . .
And under it!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely charming bit of doggy-lore! I'll have to pass the word to our Fuzzy-Pup, who also makes VERY quick trips outside these days. He's a LONG-haired Peke, but Chris keeps him clipped "high and tight" like a military haircut, save for his legs which look like furry monkey-pants and an unfortunate little red toupee atop.

He's never been a biscuit-boy, for his gnawing is hindered by a bottom set of little teeth which stick out from his lip like a wee white picket fence. He has to have all treats torn or chopped, so as to consume little bits in one bite. I regret his loss of such a dog-pleasure as gnawing on things (though he CAN take a beef-bone and polish it fore and aft, with no danger, for he cannot open his mouth wide enough.

I loved this story, and hope you and all your dear little companions well and warm (snazzy sweaters a bonus) this Thanksgiving season!

Bone appetit!


From the Kitchen said...

Oliver asked me to thank you for this information. He'll be waiting by the front door. It's too cold to wait outside.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh wow, thank you Martha for featuring our dear boy Dion and his legend of Happy Frank! (Your package arrived today, but I am not telling Dylan and Gilda yet -- it's for tomorrow!)

Happy Frank's Giving Day to you and yours. It's smelling good already here at That Old House!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

So cute and so sweet. Those are some well loved dogs.

megan said...

That was so cute, Martha.

Rhondi said...

What a delightful post. Happy Thanksgiving