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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Tale of the Rotating Tables

They don't "rotate" round and round
I just decided to switch them round!

It all started because I started sewing again
Lucy's Halloween costume.

I sewed for years
Making a lot of my clothes (all my maternity clothes)
Clothes and toys and costumes and doll clothes for Daughter Sarah
Jackets for Husband Jim

But then life got busy
We moved here to Linderhof
And I did for a time set up my sewing "room" in the basement
But Linderhof's basement is one grade up from a cellar
And it was dank and dark and not a "fun" place to sew.

So, basically, I gave it up
For with a teenager life seemed to get busier.

Oh, I made the occasional curtain
Or sewed a new cushion for the sofa
Or hemmed or mended something

But not really "sewing"

Until the fateful day that I volunteered to make Lucy's Halloween costume!

I had no desk or cabinet to sew from
My choices were the dining room table,
the breakfast table or somewhere upstairs.

I chose upstairs
Set up a card table in our room
And there it remained for a week
So I could sew as needed.
(Which is why a sewing room is so nice -- you close the door!)

And then Jim needed something mended
And so I cleared off my dressing table
And mended it.

Then Jim needed something else mended.
And so I cleared off my dressing table
And mended it.

And then a friend asked me to hem a tablecloth
And so instead of clearing off my dressing table
To sew the seam,
I thought a table upstairs in the guest room
That would serve one purpose mostly
But then when I wanted to sew, I could clear
And even leave my things set up
And close the door!

I pondered tables I had
And where I would put it . . . 

I decided on this lovely English game table
It was long enough
And not too wide
And one can sit at a chair and there is room for your feet.

Upstairs it went!

It's main purpose is the bedside table for the guest room
There is a chair nearby which will be handy
And a plug below which will be even handier!

It replaced . . .

An antique round table
And honestly, the slimmer footprint of the game table is a better fit, I think
Than the fat roundness of the round table

And, of course, we couldn't leave the bottom of the stairs "naked"
So up from the basement came this "game table"

Round, not too big and much slimmer on the sides
Since it folds in half 
So it's really a "demi-lune"
Which means that the hall closet door can opener wider
Which, actually is a good thing!

I like the cleaner lines of this table
It's almost Biedermeir in design.
A antique mall purchase a few years ago 
Bought, not for the bottom of the stairs

But the top
Which was replaced a couple of years ago
by my Grandmother's chest
Storage, you know
So much more precious than a pretty table.

And so this little gem was stored away.
Waiting, for the day, when once again, it would grace a hall at Linderhof!

It was a great solution to a problem
One not costing any money
Just a little labor
(carrying tables up stairs!)

Who knows, with a great sewing space,
I may take up clothes making once again . . . 
For there are more Halloweens
(and costumes for Lucy)
and Christmas and dolls
(and doll clothes to be made)

And the best thing is . . . 
The door can be closed!

It's Monday and I'm joining Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday


Southerncook said...

Makes me think I should get my sewing machine back out. I use to love to sew but not so much anymore. I too have an issue with rotating tables. While down at St George a few weeks ago I bought an unusual antique table. I was attracted to it because of the dimensions (called Walter while there to make sure) but also because this table is so unusual. I haven't placed it where I want it yet because I have to store another table which is large and our storage unit is full. Walter is not exactly on board but I am now out of patients. Men????? Love the changes you made.


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I foresee lots of fun in your future!

Pat said...

I L O V E that you have rotating tables @ Linderhof, dear friend!!! You're going to enjoy having a place and the space to sew those things for Grand Girl Lucy!!!
I did a relocation of many pieces of furniture recently in our lower level Family Room to accommodate the furniture that would have gone into our booth space for $ale.
Now, I'll be watching for more reveals of you upcoming "sewing" projects!!!

megan said...

Wonderful changes Martha. Everything happens for a reason and now you can sew to your heart's content.