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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Turkey Day, Part Deux

The last few years we've been guests rather than hosts
for Thanksgiving.
At our daughter's in-laws

It was a win/win to be included for both families could be with their child
at Thanksgiving
and the kids only had to eat one Thanksgiving dinner!

But with the arrival of grand girl Lucy
the kids have decided to stay home
Too long a trip with a baby
for too short a time

However, last year and this we still had Thanksgiving dinner
at our daughter's in-laws!

This year it was at Aunt Jo's
A fantastic meal
ending as always with Pilgrim's Pie

The food was terrific
And the company even more so
And Jo even gave us leftovers to go!

But I still like to do a turkey breast
And have our own mini Thanksgiving

"Small Business Saturday" seems like the perfect time
Lunch out (at one of our small businesses)
Shopping done (at another of our small businesses)
Groceries bought (at our independently owned grocery store)
Husband Jim spent the day on a Christmas project
While in the 60 degree temperatures, I managed to rake the last of the leaves in the back garden.

Not a full feast, our mini Thanksgiving
But even for the two of us I like to set a nice table

The blue and white trasnferware turkey plates
The big blue bowl filled with pumpkins, gourds and acorn squash and bittersweet
Everyday German silver cutlery
And one of the glass turkeys filled with homemade cranberry sauce

Turkey breast, simple sage dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans
(It must be a German meal -- everything is brown but the beans!)

We have ample turkey for sandwiches tomorrow
And for turkey pot pie next week

Jim and I think it is nice that we can extend Thanksgiving.


Darla H said...

Even though I've eaten turkey for 2 days, your meal looks delicious!
When I took a photo of my Thanksgiving table, I had the same thought...everything was brown..except creamed spinach and cranberry sauce.

Darla H said...
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