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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thank You

A reader named Rex emailed and wondered if I wanted some of
his grandmother's old linens.

Never to pass up old linens, I, of course, said yes . . . 

This week, I found this

on my door step.

Rather a large box.

Boy, was my heart racing!

And when I opened it . . . 

These wonderful handkerchiefs

And a cute hat

And when I got to the bottom of the box . . . 

I had a true treasure trove of lovely linens!

Thank you, Rex, I shall treasure them all!

That was so sweet and kind of you to do that.
And I truly adore them!


Sherry said...


I invited my "loves old family things" niece over one day. I had linens and doilies from my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, and aunt spread out on the bed. As I showed them to her, I sorted into two stacks. When we had gone through them all, I patted one stack and told her MINE. I posted the other stack and told her to pick out what she many as she wanted. She took several. :)

Julie said...

Do I spot some embroidered pillowcases? You can make Lucy a pillowcase dress for the summer! What a nice gift!

Rosemary said...

How thoughtful of Rex to find someone that would truly enjoy his grandmother's linens and other lovely things.