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Friday, February 6, 2015

Let There Be Light

I've got a lamp fetish.   I admit it and there is a "graveyard" of lamps in the attic.     And I've said that rarely have I met a lamp that I didn't like!

So at the top of the stairs, I've put this Astral Solar Lamp.     It's cute, it's quaint and it has crystals.

And this is what you see as you walk up the stairs.    The lamp and a plant.    All on top of my grandmother's chest.      The mirror behind reflects the light of the lamp.    

I always keep a lamp on top of this chest.   It is our upstairs hall "night light".    Every night before dinner, I walk upstairs and turn it on.   (it being whatever lamp happens to reside on the chest).  

* * * * *

Last week, while out and about with friend Shirley Ann, we stopped at a Goodwill.    I always take a quick trip around the store looking for a treasure.     Treasures are rare now.    I think they cull the "good stuff" and sell it on line.       But it is always a great place for baskets and books.

Last week, this spoke to me

And I'm not sure why (other than I have a lamp fetish!) -- it's made of crystal and I really think it is lead crystal.     The brass has great patina.    However, the wire had been cut from the lamp and it had no shade.    But it was also $3.99.    Home it came.     A friend rewired the lamp for me and a quick trip to Wal Mart for a shade.    With the cost of rewiring materials and the shade and the original cost of the lamp, it's still a cheap lamp.      In an antique shop, I feel it would be close to $100!    I got a bargain for less than two Jacksons.

And it goes well where I knew it would --

In the guest room!


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

OH MY GOODNESS Martha, I love those astral lamps and want one so bad!! I too have a love for lamps. Your goodwill lamp looks beautiful in that bedroom!
Have a great weekend,

Sandra said...

I love all your lamps. You have a good eye for knowing what shade will look good too. I love the first one you showed us with the hanging crystals.

Rue said...

Your lamps are lovely.

I think you're right about them selling most of the good stuff online. Either that or the antique dealers are able to get to it first. I rarely find anything good these days.

I love your guest room. The wallpaper is precious.

Canadian Chickadee said...

Oh me, it seems that I too suffer from a lamp fetish! I just bought a new table lamp and took the old one out to the garage until I decide if I can use it somewhere else. Or maybe it'll go to Goodwill, or to the next neighbourhood garage sale ... but the new lamp (on sale of course!) is lovely.