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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Forward . . .

Spring, well not really Spring, but the first Sunday in March means one thing to me -- Spring Forward -- where we lose an hour of sleep as we go from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.     I always set my bedside clock an hour ahead when I go to bed but the other clocks awaiting their "Springing Forward" until Sunday afternoon.

I have three fetishes -- chairs, lamps and clocks!     I don't think of having a clock fetish and I certainly don't think about it but twice a year, I do remember that we have a lot of clocks!    I must say that the easy adjustment is always the Spring one -- for you just run the hands forward an hour -- Fall, on the other hand, is a different story for you lose an hour and you have to be patient with the antique clocks.

This afternoon, I made sure that all of Linderhof's clocks were keeping correct time (the phones, computer and television/Dish box all reset themselves.)


The banjo floor clock in the dining room

The old mantle clock in the living room

Aunt Pearl's grandfather clock in the living room

The sweet little wooden clock in the living room


The carriage clock in the bathroom

The guest room clock

The wee carriage clock on Husband Jim's chest

The Waterford clock on my dressing table

 My parent's wedding present clock on the bedroom mantle

The carriage clock on my bedside table

The real wind-up carriage clock in the sunroom
(the rest of the carriage clocks are "faux" -- but I do so love the look!)

But there is one clock that I never worry about
It isn't a self-setting (atomic) clock
But one of our antique ones
But one that doesn't run
And so it sits on the dining room mantle
Pretending to keep time
(and twice a day, it does!)

And old French clock with a porcelain dial.
And I should get it fixed!

It does keep me busy, these clocks of Linderhof, on this second Sunday in March.    But I couldn't think of living without them.     I love the chimes of the antique ones -- especially the Westminster chimes of the grandfather and my parent's wedding clock.    

So although it's a chore it's really a labor of love -- tending to these clocks.    As I tend them weekly, when I wind them and they pay me back -- in spades -- with chimes and dongs of the hour and when the house is quiet of ticks and tocks.    


LauraC said...

I too love the sound of our two antique clocks chiming, but frequently I don't even hear them because I am too used to them. I sleep with one fairly loud one only about three feet from my pillow and catch maybe one chime during the night. Nothing is worse than when they need adjusting because they are off 5 minutes or so, or my husband forgot to wind them so they do not show the correct time. Drives me crazy. My husband just loves tinkering with them.

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

All our clocks got reset too. I like your "pretending" clock" We have one of those too. I like having more light in the evening. Here's to some warm weather this week too!

Cornucopia of Stitches said...

You have quite the collection of beautiful clocks.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

I enjoyed seeing all of your clocks in their places. You do have a lot of clocks. :)
Have a great day!

Rue said...

I have an addiction to clocks, so I loved this post. Some work, some don't, but I love them all :)

Your home is so beautiful, Martha. I love the wallpaper in your guest room and bedroom. It's really lovely.