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Monday, April 13, 2015

A Long Weekend With Lucy

We're basking in grandparent glow!
We just got back from Minnesota
And a visit with grand girl Lucy
(and her parents -- Daughter Sarah and her Andy)

Lucy when her mother said that Nana and Mr. Scott were going to visit!

Our purpose --
to babysit so that Sarah and Andy could go out to dinner and a live show.

Of course, that babysitting comes with a four or five day stay!
(perhaps paying someone to babysit would be cheaper!)

I must say that in the 40 years since Sarah was small
things haven't changed all that much . . . 

Children can still be entranced by television --
Only now it's on demand and "Frozen" can be watched over and over and over again
(unlike when Sarah was small and you were at the mercy of whatever was one!)

But we only watched it once . . . 
Then we had dinner (ask me how many meatballs a little girl can eat)

And then Lucy and Mr. Scott watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman!

We didn't intend it to be a television night but it was!

But we did other things . . . 

Planted flowers

Ate cookies!
(She loves Nana cookies!)
(And Nana lets her have a cookie for breakfast --
but that's a Nana prerogative!)

And Mr. Scott read to her
Book after book after book after book!

She loves books!

It's good to be back home.
Dolly and Doogie really thought we were gone for good
And were so happy to see us again
(Lots of licks and wiggles)


ellen b said...

So sweet. How nice that you could go and enjoy her while her parents got a nice date in...

Darla H said...

Lucy is adorable!
I've enjoyed seeing these family photos on your blog.

Rue said...

It sounds like a wonderful time to me :)

My grandfather used to give me cake for breakfast!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Cute stuff.