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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's Time for Summer Annuals

In March
pansies come to the prairie
I adore pansies
They're the flowers that "smile" at you!

And I put them on cookies and cakes and fairy cakes and on salads
Who doesn't like food that "smiles"!

But, alas, warm weather causes the pansies to wilt and die
So their time in the garden is short lived
Although they are prolific bloomers
during March, April and May!

Well worth the money I spend on them!

And although they were still pretty
Annuals in the garden centers are getting scarce.

Today was the day we said goodbye to the pansies!

The good news is that most of my summer annuals
were half price -- it pays, sometimes, to be late!
But not all garden centers feel like that after Memorial Day
there should be a price reduction on remaining stock --
They should
for many plants at the garden centers definitely need TLC
And are not the healthy specimens that they were in April!

I did find some nice, healthy plants
And these in the herb garden planter
Were half price!
I saved a whole $20!

In the middle are the annuals that I plant
Around the edge is the thyme
(because there is always "thyme" in the garden)
And permanent planted pansies
(I'll see if these come back this fall)
Here, too, early on the grape hyacinth bloomed

 The yellow violas, really
(I call both pansies -- which is incorrect)
filled the bottom of the armillary
I replanted this area with
Profusion zinnas and salvia

White Profussion Zinnias
Four individual plants which came in 4" pots
They do well here on the prairie
They don't seem to mind the heat.
White, because I like white flowers in the garden!

And purple annual salvia
A four pack -- four of them -- one for each side

And at the "back door" as we call this entry

Are red begonias
I consider it the workhorse of annuals.
I try to plant the red ones --
they go so well with the brick
And match the ones in the planters in front
(which I planted way back in April)

We're having an all school reunion this year
And were encouraged to plant red and white flowers
(the school colors)
I think the red flowers in the white planters fit the red and white bill!

Oh, and the pansies
They did get pitched
But before they did
I picked blooms
Some for a vase on the living room desk
And others

I candied!

Such a treat to top baked goods in the winter
It brings a touch of spring to a winter day!


Jacqueline said...

We are doing candied flowers on lemon cookies for a garden party in a week and a half. Hope my pansies make it to then! Your garden is gorgeous!

Pat said...

I always adore seeing your Garden throughout the Seasons at Linderhof, dear friend!!!
Purple, yellow and white are my favorite hues of bloom within our Gardens here on the Prairie!!!
The vibrant yellow pansies in the bottom planter on the deck and the white ones that graced the border of the Fairy Garden were devoured by "Cutie Patootie", "Teeny and "Tiny" this year!!!
But those baby bunnies give us many hours of viewing pleasure, so I feel it's an equal trade~off!!!
Great choices for your Summer Annuals!!!
I have White (Purity) and Green (Envy) Zinna seed ready for "Mr. Ed" to plant this week!!!
Here's wishing you a wonderful week ahead!!!

Rue said...

Your garden looks lovely, Martha. The school color theme is great! My pansies and Violas are still blowing, but they've definitely slowed down.