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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Basil Is In The Garden

On my prairie, April is too early to plant basil
Even though it is offered for sale in the garden centers.
Basil adores warm weather
And if you plant it too early, it will sit and shiver and not grow a smidgen!

When I bring the houseplants out, is when I plant the basil
This year I chose 5 plants
I don't go in for creative varieties
because we eat it either fresh in tomato dishes
or made into pesto for the freezer
A bigger leaf basil better suits my needs.

And once the basil is bought . . . 
And planted . . .

I pinch about 1/3 of the plant back --
See that top few sprigs -- just before the plant has two more leaves?
That's where I pinch!

And what do I do with those pinchings?

Why bring them into the kitchen to use!
The first basil harvest of the season!

And a very special harvest it is!
Too bad there are no luscious tomatoes to use it with!
Store tomatoes and that wonderful garden basil just doesn't compute!

Friday night we enjoyed

We enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs for dinner
With basil in the sauce and a shower of basil over all before it was brought to the table.

And Saturday lunch

Creamy tomato soup with basil (and another shower of basil on top)_
Made with some of the last of the tomatoes I canned last year
Tomatoes that taste of summer!
Served with grilled cheese!

In about a month or so, I shall pinch them back once again
And usually there is enough that pinching to make into pesto for the freezer.

And, of course, I pick leaves whenever I need them in the kitchen
From now until I pull up the plants when the first frost is anticipated!

Basil is one of my friends in the herb garden!
It's harvest lasting all summer long
And basil does smell of summer!


lucy said...

Happy Mothers Day Martha! I love my basil too. Recently had a delicious sandwich, pesto on wholewheat small roll a slice of tomatoe and a slice of mozzarella. Fabulous :-)

Pondside said...

Happy Mothers' Day Martha! Basil if one of only two herbs in the garden of our new/old house. I will have to remedy that, but in the meantime, I enjoy the basil!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Yum! I'm waiting to plant basil just a bit yet. We have 30s forecast for our low tonight. Brr.