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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Second Strawberry Week

Strawberries are adored at Linderhof
And we enjoy the May Strawberry Weeks
A flat a week as we almost founder on the local berries
We eat so many of them.

This weeks cache were used to "put by" --
Two cups into the Tutti Fruiti
And 2 quarts were made into

Strawberry Jam

Made in small batches
And not enough to have strawberry jam all winter
But a few jars -- for special occasions
For cream teas for special friends!

Friday, my jam output was two jars and enough for breakfast --
except that I ended up giving it away to a friend --
not a regular jar -- just that little bit of "breakfast jam"


My output was two more jars but a whole bowlful for tomorrow's Wolferman's English Muffin!

My recipe is a simple one -- one of just berries and sugar
And an easy one -- no stirring (well, very little)

And it makes great jam that tastes of May strawberries.
Which we shall enjoy this winter as the snow falls!

The recipe -- from my old copy of Joy of Cooking
And I simple adore the name --

Red Red Strawberry Jam!


1 quart of strawberries, stemmed and cored.    A few cut into to release their juices
4 cups sugar

Mix berries and sugar and put into a large pot (I like my Le Creuset Dutch Oven).   Stir the mixture very gently with a wooden spoon over low heat until it has "juiced up".    Then raise heat to moderate and stop stirring.    As soon as it bubbles up, time for 15 minutes and cook without stirring.    After 15 minutes remove from heat and allow to cool uncovered.    Sprinkle surface when cool with the juice of a half lemon.    When cool, stir lightly and put into sterilized jars. 


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Ah, you've developed a real hunger in me for fresh local strawberries!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I am once again trying to grow strawberries. My last patch died in the drought. Looking yummy!!!