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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Daisy Comes to Linderhof

Her first name is Daisy -- her last name is Dawg
She is a playmate and best friend for Doogie

We believe in Rescue Dogs --
Dolly was one, Doogie was one
There are so many dogs without homes 
That it makes sense to adopt rather than buy a new puppy

And with the internet it's rather easy!
Makes it easy

We wanted:
1 - a small dog
2 - a dog that was part rat terrier
3 - a dog that was no more than 4
4 - a dog that Doogie would approve of

We didn't care whether it was male or female

Browsing the net, this picture came up:

Senshi she was called and was "part" Rat Terrier
She also was in the care of The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City
We liked her picture

 She had a look about her!
A mostly Rat Terrier look

But there was a "catch"
The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City prefers to adopt in the Kansas City area
But it does make exceptions.

We filled out an application
And were vetted
And contacted
And arranged a "meet and greet"
Between Doogie and "Senshi"

It was a good meet and greet.

We interviewed a couple of other "applicants"
Which were immediately dismissed by Doogie with a low growl.

Husband Jim, however, wanted "Senshi" since we first laid eyes on her.
I was the one who insisted that we interview others.

And yesterday . . . 

She came home to Linderhof
Not as "Senshi" -- for we gave her a new name --

Daisy Dawg

She's a  little shy
(but then she traveled by car from her foster home to the shelter
And from the shelter to Linderhof -- that's a big trip for a little dog)

Doogie greeted her like an old friend
And even invited her to play
But she was tired and wanted to rest.
And deemed under the coffee table as her "safe place"
(The sofa is Doogie's)

The first night went well . . . 
And this morning

She came out from under the coffee table

And joined Doogie on the sofa

He wasn't all that happy sharing his space
(but then he really doesn't like to share it with Jim either)

This afternoon . . . 

Both decide that it is the perfect place for a nap!

She's not totally acclimated to Linderhof
But she's getting there.

She still has to be taught to use the dog door --
right now we're opening the door for her

She is worming her way into our hearts --
She is a cute pup

And I thank Christine at the Humane Society for putting us together
And I thank Stacey who fostered her while she was in the care of the Humane Society.

And I can't preach "RESCUE" enough
There are so many homeless dogs
The good thing, though, is that are a good many no-kill shelters

If you're looking for a dog, please look at a shelter to see if you can find a dog
that will fit.

And wherever you get your dog -- spay and neuter --
I can't say that enough!
That's why there are often so many dogs in shelters!

They are there, just waiting for someone to love them
And the love they give in return . . . 


lucy said...

Congratulations on Daisy! She's quite lucky to be at your loving home. We recently lost our Winston (french bulldog), hubby is devasted. We have one sweet poodle left. For now I say no more but if I ever change my mind will certainly consider your suggestion. Enjoy your Daisy.

Bookie said...

What a lovely story to read tonight, Martha!!! Our Biscuit is rescue dog for sure...was abandoned and then on end list with one day left in Pittsburg. We saved her and brought her home. I wish we brave as you to take on more than one! I know you will all make a nice family!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a special place in heaven for people that rescue animals - any animal. We have four rescues right now and if Vet bills weren't so expensive, I would have more. Keep up the good work.

Martha said...

Lucy -- it is HARD to lose a dog -- however, we find that two entertain one another and make it easier on the dogs when you go away for the day!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Martha, that is so very sweet! Congrats on the new dog, the new rescue dog. Our little Yorkie that we just lost was also a rescue dog and our next one will be too.
I know you and hubby will have fun watching the two dogs warm up to each other.
Take care,

Rue said...

Awwww..... Daisy is so sweet looking and I'm so glad that Doogie gets along with her. It was obviously meant to be :)

I have had all kinds of rescue dogs. In fact, Mini is one. She followed my daughter home one day. We found the owner, but it turns out he had let her go and didn't want her, so we took her in.


for the love of a house said...

I think Daisy Dawg is gorgeous!!!!! What a sweetie and so dear of Doogie to share "his" sofa;) So happy for your family! Love that we're all sharing adoption as the way to go!!!