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Friday, July 31, 2015

Cookbook Book Club, Vol. VII - The Barefoot Contessa

Volume VII of the Cookbook Book Club
was one of my very favorite!

For it's theme was

The Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten

And I wasn't the hostess
And it wasn't my choice
But I was elated when Hostess Sarah
chose my culinary hero!

I have, after all

 ALL of her cookbooks!

Including her latest . . . 

 Make It Ahead

The Menu:

Juice of Few Flowers Cocktail
If you haven't tried this cocktail yet, do
It is really good

In fact, all of Ina's cocktails are good!
Because they're all made from scratch
(and I simply adore her Cosmo!)


Ina's Roasted Shrimp

I agree with Liz who brought this dish that that is the only way
to cook shrimp!

Once I started cooking my shrimp this way, any other way
is "wimpy"!

The Entree:

That wonderful dish of spinach and feta cheese in phyllo dough
Sarah the hostess prepared the main dish
(as is our custom --
the hostess decides the theme, makes the cocktail and does the main dish)

Sides included

Angela's watermelon and feta salad
She substituted spring mix for the arugula that Ina called for
argugula is hard to find on our part of the prairie

Jacki brought Ina's Greek Salad.    All of the vegetables came from her farm garden
which made the salad even better!

Rita contributed Tomatoes Provencal
A perfect vegetable dish and paired well with Sarah's spanikopeta

And to finish:

Donna brought Ina's lemon bars.    They are like lemon bars on steroids.   They are so good!

Our custom is to draw "lots" to see who brings what.
The hostess provides cocktail and entree
The rest of us fill out the menu.
And we never discuss what we're brining.
And we've never had duplicates in the case two of us are bringing salads or vegetables.

It's like a potluck -- it all works out!

And we have some amazing meals!

Of all the things I'm involved in, this is one of my favorite because it is just an evening of fun, eating good food and having lively conversation!


Angelina at Petite Haus said...

I must say, I think a cookbook club is a fabulous idea!! How much fun you all must have!

Darla H said...

Oh, it all looks so good! I hope your group continues this for a long time. I always enjoy reading about these meals!

Rue said...

All of it looks amazing, Martha. I need to get her books. Would you believe that I don't even own one of them?! Shame on me!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)