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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Heat Bound

As we are housebound in the winter
When it's snowy and cold out
We are equally housebound in the summer
When temperatures

Hover around 100
And the humidity makes it feel as if it is 20 degrees hotter!

Our beloved garden suffers . . . 
I'm a "fair weather" gardener I'm afraid.
Weeds don't get pulled
But the plants do get watered
Early in the morning
When humidity seems lower
And temperatures are still in the 80s

The rest of the day . . .
We tend to stay inside!

Being inside we turn the attention to the house
And closets, cabinets and drawers

The kitchen of Linderhof lacks drawers
We have 4
One silverware drawer with dividers which make it into four cutlery compartments
Two deep drawers and one skinny little drawer
Not many drawers -- not nearly enough drawers

To rectify that, I bought some wicker baskets and put them into one of the cabinets
Which holds things that don't fit into that skinny little drawer
Like the ice cream scoops, the cherry pitter, strawberry stemmer, apple corer

And we took out those compartments that made the cutlery drawer
into one big empty drawer
We should have done that twenty-seven years ago
when we first moved to Linderhof!

With a bamboo utensil holder, some wicker baskets, I reorganized that space!
A space for everything and everything in it's space
instead of all the forks in one bin, all the spoons in one bin and all the knives in another


With that drawer (and the rest of the drawers and baskets) in perfect order,
I turned my attention to the Larder

Some new jars, chalkboard labels to unify the old and new jars
I can see at a glance what I have and what I need!

Everything was taken out
Shelves were wiped down
All the jars, both new and old were washed and put back
(And rearranged somewhat)

It's nice as I start canning season to have everything so
easily available.

It was hot in the kitchen
(As I made mac and cheese for dinner --
Yes, mac and cheese should really not be a menu item on a 100 degree day)

But looking at the drawers all clean and tidy
(especially the utensil drawer)
and the larder are organized,
I may turn my attention to other closets, cabinets and drawers
(at least as long as the heat holds!)

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Bernideen said...

I love your pantry and I love organization. Being able to put your hands on things when you want them. I so need a large pantry. Already have that on my list for my Missouri house.....just don't see it much in the newer houses though. You did a great job!!

gretchen said...

Understand completely Heat Bound ~ my yard too shows it. In Maryland and our heat index will be 100+ this week. Doesn't instill much excitement and/or energy. LOVE your pantry! One of the joys of an older home although as you said, drawers are in short supply.

Pat said...

Great organization, dear friend!!!
"A place for everything, and everything in its place"
was a quote my beloved Grandmother used to say to me!!!
Like you, I've been organizing indoors out of this "heat"!!!
My areas of concentration have been in Studio One!!!
Editing each year helps keep those storage bins organized
and keeps clutter at bay!!!
We're enjoying a wonderful Summer "rain" with temps at 68 degrees!!!
Our Gardens are still green and lush!!!
Unbelievable for end~of~July early August weather on my side of the Prairie!!!
I LOVE your chalkboard jars!!!
Nicely done!!!