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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lee and Grant

A story about the day that Lee (as in Robert E.) and Grant (as in Ulysses S.)
came to town!

The infamous McLean House
in Appomattox, Virginia

Where history was forever changed

For Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia
thus ending the War Between the States
that had been raging since 1861

In our little town, we were pleased

to have General Grant
who's strength was unwavering adherence to the strategic objective of neutralizing Lee's army


General Robert E. Lee
who's strengths were his resilience and the fierce devotion that he inspired in his men

visit our little town

Although it wasn't the Appomattox Courthouse

But rather Fort Scott National Historic Site

The generals talked

In many respects, the generals were similar . . . each labored under handicaps . . . Grant and Lee were about as evenly matched in military talent as any two opposing generals have ever been.

And discussed

And shook hands thereby ending the bloodiest battle in the history of the United States

Lee (General Robeert E.) as portrayed by Lane Smith
Grant (General Ulysses S.) as portrayed by Randal Durbin

A three scene play
Lee and Grant at Appomattox

These two gentlemen were so talented and were so into their characters
that I felt as if I had actually been there --
at the real Appomattox
and witnessed this historic event!

If you have a chance to hear them, do so.
If you're looking for a historic program, I highly recommend this one!
(to inquire about a program contact either Smith at or Durbin at

And after the program,
we retired to Linderhof
(friends Jack and Shirley Ann and Freida and Darrell)
for pie and coffee and chat
We were all pumped up over the program we had just seen!

And it's a great way to end the evening!

A blueberry cream tart and coffee!

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Rue said...

I really wish I would have had the chance to see that when I lived in Virginia. It sounds like an amazing time.