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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meet Miss Piper

Or No. 2 as Daughter Sarah called her
Or "The Expected One"
(or Ethel)
as I called her

She made her debut last Thursday
at almost 7 p.m.
While we were on I35 between Kansas City and Des Moines

But we got in early the next morning
We got to hold her
She is precious!

Piper Elizabeth is her name

"Piper" because Daughter Sarah and her Andy like it
Elizabeth which is also her Mom's middle name

I was petitioning for
"Martha Linda" after the grands
(and calling her Emyl)
after her great great grandmother and also the town where her mom was born

after my grandmother and since they already have a Lucy . . . 


Piper it is!

Older Sister Lucy likes her new little sister
A "baby" as she calls her.   And very quietly, "Piper"

Our presents for Piper?

A granny square stocking
(because there are only three
those three dating 40 years ago when I bought them for us and daughter Sarah)
I made Piper's -- and I'm not a crocheter!
It was truly a gift from the heart.
And although a tad different (it may be bigger -- but that's okay, Piper as second deserves more loot)

And since I gave all of the "good stuff" (read family items)
to Lucy,

I'm making a little needlepoint door hanger for Piper
when the door's shut and this hangs from the knob,
Lucy knows that Piper is sleeping!

We stayed a week
My daughter is awesome --
a new mom with a just turned two year old
And the house filled with in-laws
for a week
For both sets of parents came
Because of the new little one
And stayed!!!!

The in-laws are now all back home
But oh, how I miss Piper . . . and Lucy!


Pat said...

I adored seeing all the family names. . .but like Andy and Sarah. . .I "like" Piper!!!
Lucy is a d o r a b l e in her role as "Big Sister"!!!
I can already visualize her going up to the door when this pillow cushion is complete and making the "sh~h~h" with her finger pressed against her lips!!! Many years as Early Childhood Educator!!!
Precious memories!!!
Congratulations to you and husband Jim!!!

ellen b said...

Oh the sweetness! Congratulations to all. That's a fun name...Piper!

lucy said...

Congratulations Martha! Piper is adorable. Many blessings to all.
Lucy <3

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Martha, she is beautiful! Congrats to you and to mom and dad!

From the Kitchen said...

Congratulations! Darling baby and toddler! My mother's name was Ethel. So far, none of the granddaughters have that name!!


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Piper is beyond adorable! Congratulations to her mother and all the family. The photo of Lucy looking at her is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love all your stories & your pictures. Gorgeous. And, I happen to absolutely adore the name Piper. She's going to be a beautiful little girl.
Paula in GA.

megan said...

Congratulations to Piper and all the family. How sweet, two lovely girls!

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely precious, Martha! Love the photo of big sister looking on. Beautiful girls!
Michelle in Overland Park