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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Treasures and Their Uses

While we were in Minnesota, we didn't stay all the time with the grand girls!
Piper after all napped a lot!
And Lucy went to "school"

So we went to some of our favorite haunts
in Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and Hopkins

I brought home . .  .

A nice basket
I adore baskets
But not just any old basket
This, to me, seemed special!

A watercolor
I adore handprinted pictures
especially of the English countryside
which this one was
Lovely colors, too!

Two hurricanes
How could I pass them up for $2.50 total?

A clam shell full of shells
I admit that I'm a shell junky!
Lots are from trips to beaches
(but if I find an interesting one, I'm not a purist --
shells don't have to be ones I find!)

A Johnson Brothers Indies Gravy Boat
Indies is our breakfast china
Why a gravy boat for breakfast china, you might ask
We are, after all, in the southern midwest --
Haven't you heard of biscuits and gravy for breakfast?

A cutting board
handprinted with European figures
Scandinavian I would think, but I may be wrong
However, there are a lot of Scandinavians in Minnesota . . .

A Wardian  case fitted for a fairy garden
It was cute and you couldn't even buy the base for what I paid!
And I love these and have longed for one for a long time!

A hand crocheted afghan
because you can always use another
when the winters get cold!
And the colors are perfect for our living room!

And do these finds go in the black hole of storage
Or do I find a use for them?

The basket in the dining room which will hold wine corks . . . 
I had something smaller there and I wanted room to grow!

I like the size of these hurricanes on the dining room table
with a bowl of fruit . . . or perhaps a vase of flowers
They give a "country vibe" to the room

Tucked into a corner of the living room bookcases
It's my first "clam shell" and I was excited to find it!

Stacked on top of the Indies plates
Ready for the next time biscuits and gravy is on the breakfast menu!

With the rest of my collection of cutting boards

Upstairs in the sunroom
I'm looking for some wee plants to put in it
So it can truly be a Wardian case!
The light should be good here for whatever I decide to plant!

And the afghan is tucked away with our others
It's far too hot to keep them out
Awaiting late September and a cool evening!

And the picture?

It sits on a chair in the dining room
I've not decided where to put it.
It is an original watercolor by Clara Bushnell, painted in 1950
(so it's almost 65 years old -- almost an antique!)

And I love the picture
But what I like most about it is what's on the back . . .

"Historic Chillham Castle and Church --
Built on site and part of wall - where the
Romans fought the Battle of the River B.C. 556
This properly has been willed from Kings to their kin thru
the old Roman Wall is preserved also Roman Keep.
Our ancestry dates back to the early 14th century
in the Church - where two windows have the
coat of arms - to one Robt Ensigne.   The Castle 
designed by a very noted architect - and in
1950 is occupied by a render, Lord Kilear
for 12 years ambassador to China from Britain
I have made this watercolor from a tiny snap
shot and knowledge of the scenery and history
after our trip there and seeing 1st handed
It cannot be called copying except in
the castle which is difficult from all angles
The Church of Goth - mixed architecture
with old graves and all preserved - even new
pews.   The castle has 11 bathrooms
and central heating - massive
oak paneled walls.   marble floor

written, I assume, by Clara and kept
for these 65 years on the back of the picture!
I shall continue to do so!

It's Monday and I'm sharing my treasures and their uses with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Martha, how fun to see all of your finds and where you put them! Love that Wardian case, and I like the desk I see in the background too! Glad you had a safe trip!
Take care,

Pat said...

Great finds, dear friend!!!
I, too, enjoy mixing a shopping spree when visiting family & friends!!!
All your finds are fabulous. . .but the watercolor is splendid, indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

I covet your clamshell! Love seeing all of your treasures. I have not gone antiquing yet in the area I live in CA but have always done so in previous moves. In autumn, spring, and summer I love to use my Royal Worcester Evesham Gold for breakfast and I too employ my little creamers as sauce boats and have used my gravy boats for a large crowd. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother for the second time!

Canadian Chickadee said...

What fun! It sounds as if you got some really great finds. Enjoy your new things! :) xoxox

Francie Newcomb said...

Martha, I like hurricanes too and think of them as having an 18th-century vibe. Apparently they were called "candle glasses" in the 18th century. Colonial Williamsburg comes to mind.