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Friday, September 25, 2015

MORE Crystals

Just when I thought Linderhof had all the crystals we could hold . . .

 Well, there is one more!

I should never go to
It's dangerous
For Wednesday night, Husband Jim pointed out an estate sale in the city
And I honed in on this!

I've wanted a pair "forever"
But they are too dear for my meager purse
Way too many zeros at the end of the price for me!

But I was in the city with friend Linda
For a needlepoint class and after the class, I asked if she was interested in going to an Estate Sale
She said yes and so off we went.

There they were -- dirty and reasonable.    Not too many zeros!
As nice as the rest of the things were, I'm sure they've been residing in a basement or attic for 
a long time!

I left them on the sideboard as I went and looked at the other stuff
And then I decided I was silly -- I did need to get them.
I've been wanting a pair forever
(although I would have settled on just one!)

So I ran back, they were still there and I grabbed them up and bought them!

It was a great sale and if I wasn't so focused and had more time . . .
But once I had them at the checkout, I was ready to go!

Today, I spent the day cleaning

The globes, the crystals and the lamps themselves.
They are beyond gorgeous!

Residing on the sideboard

Originally I thought that I wanted the pair on the mantle in the dining room . . .

But with last week's purchase of these candles . . . 
I left the candles where I put them originally
And put the lamps on the sideboard.

What do you think?
Should I put them on the mantle?
Or leave them on the sideboard?

The lamps are known as Argand lamps are originals are very old.
I'm not sure if these are really old originals or reproductions from the 1920s
They were some of the first nice lamps -- dating to the mid 1800s
And they burned whale oil instead of kerosene
Of course, when kerosene became lighting fuel of choice,
Argon's went the way of the buggy whip!

I'm bathing in the beauty of the crystals throughout Linderhof!


Sandra said...

Your lighting is quite beautiful. I am happy that you came upon them at such a good price. They look perfect in your home. I can't choose which is best...the sideboard or the mantle. Either place they will be wonderful to look at.

Delvalina said...

All things of your house just so adorable :)

Bernideen said...

I am no expert on this so can't help with their age. They are a lovely early American look virus a Victorian Girandole look that's for sure. Wonderful addition. I like them on the mantle best.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Martha, what wonderful finds! I have always wanted a pair of argand or astral lamps dripping with lusters too! They cleaned up very nicely! Because of the sconces on your dining room wall I think I like them better on the mantle, but without seeing the whole picture it is hard to say.
Have a great weekend,