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Friday, September 11, 2015

The Curtain Saga

Unlike the Forstyth Saga
The Curtain Saga
at Linderhof
is not about a family
But rather about windows

The windows of Linderhof . . .
And what hangs in front of them!

When we bought Linderhof 28 years ago
it came with curtains
Aqua semi sheer drapes in the living and dining room,
the downstairs hall, the guest room
white priscillas in the front bedroom
Some sort of curtains in the sunroom
And I think plastic curtains in the bathroom

Well, I had to change all of that!

And I felt that all of the windows in the whole house had to match!

So up went white lace curtains
(very reasonable at Wal Mart)
on all of the windows!

I somehow thought that all of the windows in the whole house
had to match!

The lace let in light but kept us private!
Kept us safe from prying eyes!

Then came Chapter Two of the Curtain Saga

We put drapes or "scarves" on top of all the lace curtains
Creating a layered look at the windows

A heavy layered look

Each room's drapes or scarves were more colored cued to the room decor
I thought it rather "elegant"

But then our Daughter, Sarah, reminded me that the look was rather "outdated"
Drapes and sheers (thought they were lace)
And so I took down the lace curtains
(and carefully boxed them up and put them in the attic)

Then we had the "color coordinated drapes"
in every room

Like these in the Master bedroom

Or these in the dining room

But then I decided that they were too heavy
And decided that I liked the look of blinds
White blinds to match the white woodwork
Bought and installed one room at a time

The blinds in the Master Bedroom

The blinds in the guest room

As much as I do like the blinds,
I found out that I was not a good blind cleaner
And as much as I like blinds,
I like clean blinds
Not dirty blinds

And since I felt that each room had to be the same . . . 

My next "every room the same" curtains were the linen ones from Ikea
A natural color linen that went with "everything"
Very good quality for the price
And they came per pair not per panel!

The linen curtains in the master bedroom and dressing room

Then I decided that each room really had its own personality
And "drapes" belonged in the living room
While the other rooms had "curtains"
Lace ones in the dining room
Short ones in the bedrooms and bath

I kept the Ikea linen curtains in the living room

Put lace curtains back in the dining room

Kept the Ikea curtains in the downstairs hall
Since it opens into the living room

I moved the master bedroom linen curtains to the sunroom
(where the windows had been bare before)
It's the yang to the Master Bedroom's yen!

I brought the white Priscillas back to the bedroom
(not the original ones, though, I seem to have gotten rid of those
somewhere along the line)

And even though the bedroom is open to the sunroom,
I like the mix  of frilly ruffly curtains with the linen and leather of the sunroom

The guest room got some Battenberg lace curtains that go up about 2/3 of the window
It's the guest room and more "casual"

The casement windows
(which are in the upstairs hall and sunroom and kitchen)
were left bare when I bought the linen curtains
I decided that I wanted curtains at those windows
(the Ikea linen curtains in the sunroom)
and these lace curtains in the upstairs hall
The kitchen windows still remain "necked"!
(But I'm thinking . . . . )

And just this week, I put up the final set of curtains
White dotted Swiss in the bathroom!

For the most part, curtains are much easier (in my opinion) to take care of 
than blinds, stay cleaner than the floor length linen curtains (dust gets in their hems)
and basically are wash and hang!

I like the old fashionedness of the lace in the dining room
(For that is what both my mother and grandmother had in their dining rooms)

Whomever picked out the Master Bedroom Wallpaper thought that white priscillas were perfect for that room and so I'm paying homage to their design

The more "formal" living room and sunroom
have the linen floor length curtains

As I go from room to room on a daily basis
Whether tidying or just getting something from a closet or drawer
I like the fact that the windows are different.

It makes me smile!


Pat said...

There are a lot of curtains at Linderhof, dear friend!!!
I, too, prefer curtains over drapes,
but here on my side of the Prairie. . .we have a Western window view.
It's far too hot in the afternoon for sheers. . .so drapes it is!!!
I, too, do n o t like slated blinds. I use Roman Shades here. . .vacuum and done!!!
Thank you for sharing and inspiring!!!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Your home should make you smile, always, and I am sure yours does.
I admire your energy and accomplishment because it ends in a smile.

megan said...

Martha how do you sleep without a dark covering on the windows?

Martha said...

Megan, always have. Right now it is especially dark because they took out our street lights in March for street/sewer/water project. I'm sure when they put it back after MONTHS of darkness it will feel like a spotlight -- LOL!

Petra said...

I love how you've made it work! I too am not good at cleaning blinds. I had it in the kitchen and it was terrible. So much work to clean them, so I changed it. Now we have roller-blinds (I'm not sure if this is the right word). They're easy to clean and look great as well.

Lori E said...

You evidently do know what you are doing and I like that you feel free to change things up when the mood strikes.
Window coverings are just not my thing. I have never done a good job of it and they are not cheap. Since we have moved to a different house this past year I have left things as they curtains. The master bedroom has white wood blinds and I couldn't clean them all the way up without a big ladder as the ceilings are about 15 feet high. Other than that we only have blinds in the living room/dining room to protect from the hot sun some days. Nothing else.
Privacy is not much of an issue and I just love to look out at the scenery.

Rue said...

Your whole home makes me smile, Martha. I love every single room and the window treatments you chose to hang in each one. I'm thinking about pricilla curtains for my home somewhere and definitely adding a little lace somewhere.

Absolutely beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

You have been busy!! Love your home.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

That is quite an interesting saga! And I am in love with those wall-to-wall bookshelves in your guest bedroom.