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Friday, October 16, 2015

A BIG Change!

A BIG Change
in size!

Probably 18 years or so again, we bought a fairly worn Karastan rug
at an estate sale --
for $100, I think!
No one wanted it because it was 8 x 20

Well, our living room is 23 feet long and a 20 foot rug would work!

And it's been a good and faithful rug

Although when it got worn around the sofa, we put another rug over it
to hide the worn spot

It was a pretty old rug
And had that patina of age

And if you can't have a real Persian,
then a Karastan in my opinion is the next best thing!

And it looked good in the living room!

But it was really getting worn
And was really more shabby
than chic!

Doogie pointing out the worn spots
It is a rug past it's prime!

So this morning I moved the furniture and took up this rug

And found this underneath!

This is why I don't like wall to wall carpet!
I vacuum like 6 days out of 7
What I hadn't done in a while is move the furniture, move the rug and vacuum
the bare floor!
Note to self:   This needs to be done when you do the spring and fall housecleaning -- duh!

I've been trolling Craig's List looking for a rug -- the old one was 20 feet and I knew that 14 would be the smallest we could use.   
 And it had to be a Karastan!
And it had to be affordable!

I had seen a listing for an 18 footer that seemed reasonable
So I inquired
And since we were up in the city, we made an appointment to look at it!

It was 18 foot -- 2 feet shorter than our current one
But that would be okay
It was in good shape, the price was right and Darren and Kathi 
from Holy Cow Market and Music couldn't have been nicer

So we bought it!
(And thanks, Darren for loading it for us)

And after I had cleaned the floor
(vacuumed, ran the dust mop and the steamer)
Husband Jim and I carried it in
And set it in place

Doogie kindly pointing out that there are no bare spots in this rug!

And after vacuuming, the furniture was moved in place

Husband Jim approves
I approve

It's nice to have one rug in the living room
I've never really been a fan of the layered look in rugs
(unless one is solid)

Now the reason for the Big change
is that one should measure, really
before making a purchase.

We have inches to spare between furniture and rug
This rug is bigger -- way bigger
than the old rug

I'm thinking that the old one was 15 feet -- not 20
And this rug is 3 feet longer than the old one!

But it fits -- it fits perfectly and it fits as if it were made for our living room
As if we took measurements and then had a rug made to order!
How cool is that?

I'm very happy with our purchase.
I'm very happy with Holy Cow
And Craig's List comes through again!

I'm sharing the "Big" Change with Susan at Between Naps On the Porch for Met Monday.


sandy said...

The rug is beautiful and looks amazing in your home! So warm and comfortable!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

This is really beautiful! And perfect in your living room.

Heavy Duty Picnic Benches said...

Lovely rugs. I love how it looks wonderful on your living room. Thanks for sharing!

megan said...

That is beautiful, Martha. Such rich colours.

Lottie said...

Love the new rug! Love the design and colors! I thought it looked bigger than the old one!

Stickhorse V said...

It looks wonderful in your living room!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh wow Martha what a fantastic rug! It's so long and the colors are perfect with your wall color. Your room looks so welcoming, Chandelier and all!
Have a great week,

Pat said...

The rug is so~o~o similar to the other!!!
Beautiful and fills the space quite nicely!!!
Sometimes, it pays to "shop" on~line and on Craig's List!!!

Kathleen Grace said...

You got a beautiful rug and it looks great in your room. I actually prefer the patina of an older rug to the newer ones. Maybe not as heavily patina'd as your old one lol, but even the old one had it's charms.