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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


When I was a gradeschooler and a pre-teen, I adored dogs
I was going to raise dogs for a living
(ah, the dreams of youth)
And I did have one real dog
But not a kennel full.
Heck, I didn't even have a kennel!

So my "kennel" consisted of ceramic dogs
Bought at T G and Y and Kresges
whenever I had any spare change
or could wheedle the purchase of a new dog for my "kennel"
from my maiden aunt or my grandmother.

Of course, when I grew up and moved away,
the dogs didn't go with me
I had packed them away long long ago

And when my mother passed away and we were cleaning
out her estate, I found them

Of course, they came home with me!

Where to put them?
In the guest room, on the shelf above the window seat
(you can barely see them)
In front of some of my childhood classics

As a child, I was so proud of my dogs
that I even took pictures!

My "kennel" on my dresser in my pre teen bedroom!

Now, I decided to "rescue" the dogs!
That high shelf was no place for my precious dogs
And so I moved them

To the sunroom
In the bookcase which I had brought up from the basement
that my parents started housekeeping with

The dividers on the upper shelf makes each pup look like it's in a kennel
and awaiting attention!

I was eclectic in my selection of breeds
There are a lot of cockers
(I adored Gladys Taber and she raised cockers)
and German Shepherds and Collies were other favorites
But there are poodles and boxers and dalmatians and a beautiful Scottie
and Chihuahuas!

And the picture of the dogs on my childhood dresser
is framed and is on a shelf in the bookcase!
I love pairing reality with history!

But we believe in real rescues, too
Our latest . . . 

The pup that was dropped in our back garden,
found the doggie door, came into the house, saw the sofa,
jumped up and was HOME!

At that time we were a one dog family and liked it that way
But Dolly took to this little guy and so much to husband's saying "we've got to find a home for this dog", he stayed.    You see, he found his home and his sofa!
Husband Jim's heart melted and he and Doogie are buddies.

And we found that two dogs really are better than one!

And we found that two dogs really are better than one!

When we lost Dolly this Spring,
we searched on line
And found this girl
After a meet and greet with Doogie, we decided that she needed to come home to Linderhof

Definitely a rescue, she was transported from Louisiana (a kill shelter) to a Kansas no-kill shelter.
She'd been there 10 months
It was time that this girl got a home!

In fact, of all of our dogs, only two have not been rescues
And we got them from breeders
Because we wanted that breed

But we always have a soft spot for rescues
And I'm on the board of Lee's Paws and Claws
our local no-kill shelter

And who can not love

Two rescues snoozing the afternoon away on a comfy sofa
With their own blanket?

I know the term "Adopt Don't Shop" is gaining in momentum
And we adhere to that philosophy.
In fact, "Pound Puppies" were the only ones we considered
when we looked for a friend for Doogie.

And dogs are not the only thing we rescue --
We rescue furniture
Almost all of our furniture is "used", "second hand"
It's what we've always done
Much cheaper and much better quality than new!

Our house is full of furnishings and dishes
that we've "rescued"!

Our rescue dogs live happily amongst our rescued furniture!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Sometimes dogs find you. I think they do some rescuing themselves. Nice fur babies you have. Thanks for sharing your ceramic dog collection too.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

What a great post Martha! I had to smile at your mention of T G & Y! We had one of those stores in my little hometown where I grew up. I did not collect any dogs though, but yours are adorable and I am so glad they were kept all these years and back with you and set out for all to see. Your pound puppies are so sweet on the couch with the blanket covering them, cute!

michelle said...

Our three found us. All are spoiled rotten. :D

Pondside said...

We certainly think alike! Rescue is the way to go!

Pat said...

A precious "rescue" story, dear friend!!!
I do so love a "happily ever after" ending!!!

Stickhorse V said...

Love your collection! What a sweet story about Doogie- how irresistible - Daisy is adorable too! I have 3 rescue dogs and I have some rescue kitties too- including my late mother's beloved "Chester", a 17 yr. old orange tabby.