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Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick or Treat

It all started years and years ago
When I chose to make a Halloween costume for
Daughter Sarah's second Halloween

A clown costume
Big enough that she wore it 3 or 4 years before we had another costume
She was a cute clown!

Last year, she asked me to make Grand girl Lucy's costume

And chose Little Red Riding Hood

This year, she asked once again for a costume for Lucy
Alice in Wonderland!

Last year's pattern refitted to make an Alice dress

And of course, Alice has a white apron
Which I had no pattern for --
But I was able to somehow make an apron!

She wanted Grand girl Piper to be 
"The White Rabbit"
and I said that I'd make her a costume
but Sarah said "no"

I don't always obey so . . . 

I took a pattern for a "dog" and made it into a rabbit

Alice's dress finished

And Piper's White Rabbit
(complete with clock -- for the rabbit is always late!)

All finished and pressed
ready to be folded and packed into a box and mailed.

They arrived
Sarah was surprised (and pleased) by Piper's costume
And since I had made the costumes
(not being able to have a fitting before I finsihed them)

Piper's fit's perfectly
(and she seems intrigued by her "watch")

And Lucy as Alice . . .

It fits as well.
Why, you might ask, does she have a black boot on her left foot?
(why, she fell down a rabbit hole, I answer, and broke her toe!)

The girls have worn the costumes twice already
Once to a trunk or treat in their town
And again to their day care Halloween party

But tomorrow night is the night
And I can't wait to see Alice and The White Rabbit
all ready for Trick or Treat!


Sandra said...

How very sweet of you to sew and create two wonderful costumes! The little ones look so precious! You did a great job. I love them.

Rue said...

Hello Martha :)

Your grand babies are so precious in the costumes you made for them. You did an amazing job!

I had a wonderful time catching up with you, learning about your Betty Crocker cookbooks, your crystals, the "kennel" you had as a child.... they were all wonderful stories. I'm really amazed that your rescue Doogie just climbed into your doggie door and onto the couch and stayed. How incredible!

Happy Halloween to you and yours, my friend :)


megan said...

Martha, the girls' costumes are delightful. I made my own two daughters' outfits and then the grandchildren's. Alas, no little ones any more.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What darling granddaughters! What splendid costumes...What a wonderful grandmother!

Ginene Nagel - Fox and Finch Antiques said...

As a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit, these costumes get my vote for the all time best. Just fantastic. I would have given them a ton of candy.

Pat said...

Both grandgirls, Lucy and Piper look adorable in their Halloween Costumes!!!
I absolutely fell in l o v e with Little Red Riding Hood last year!!!
My beloved Grandmother made a Little Red Riding Hood outfit
for my doll in my youth!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!