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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cranberries -- They're Not Just for Sauce!

I adore cranberries
But then I adore tart fruits
Rhubarb and Gooseberries

The cranberries disappear from the market sometime in January
(and often at reduced prices)
And I buy many packages to tuck into the freezer
Because they freeze so well!

But cranberries aren't just for sauce for the Thanksgiving turkey
or pork or chicken

And everyone knows cranberry bread and cranberry muffins
Recipes for those treats abound in cookbooks and on the internet
And I make them at least once during late fall or early winter

Cranberry muffins are perfect for breakfast
while cranberry bread is a great nosh for tea!

But then cranberries make great desserts, too!

 Angel Meringue Tort with Cranberry Jubilee
It's not the whole dessert -- just the topping but it is full of cranberry flavor!

Cranberry thumbprint cookies 
A delicious use for leftover cranberry sauce
Makes for nice early December tea treats!

A pretty dessert and we just love trifles.    The creamy sweet whipped cream and the tart cranberry combine together to make a smashing dessert!

I've had this recipe for 20 years or more and at least one of these comes out of the kitchen every November!    It's a great cake for breakfast, dessert or tea!     
It is truly one reason that I stock up on pumpkin in November and cranberries in January

Ina Garten's Pear, Apple and Cranberry Crisp
Cranberries are a fruit and fruits make great crisps.    Especially when you serve it with a pour of cream!

I adore tarts and often make them as individuals when I have company.
There's just something nicer, I think with individual tarts rather than one big one
But you certainly can make this tart as one large one.

We all know how well cranberries go into breads and muffins
Well, they go into cake too!
And cranberry and orange is one of those marriages of the mouth1
The frosting "makes" the cake!

Another great cranberry cake
For dessert or tea
And it keeps well, too!

The recipe calls for a 9 x 13 but I like to make them in round tins
One for us for breakfast and perhaps one for a Christmas gift
It's a great coffee cake and would make a good addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas morning buffet!

From one of my culinary heroes, Anna Pump
It's a great dessert in November and December
Heck, it's a great dessert anytime
(Especially if you have those little packages of cranberries in the freezer)

One of Husband Jim's favorite desserts is pineapple upside down cake
I'm not sure if it's the cake or the topping of butter, brown sugar and fruit!
Pears and cranberries seem to have an infinity for one another
And this cake, says Husband Jim, ranks right up there with the pineapple one!

We'll enjoy some of these treats as 2015 winds to an end.
In fact, I cannot think of an autumn the last 20 years that we haven't had the pumpkin cranberry coffeecake!

And I know that husband Jim will petition for the upside down cake!


Rosemary said...

What a fun and timely post! I plan on serving miniature white cake with a cranberry sauce at my first holiday tea of the season. Yum!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I love cranberries too! Seems I'm in the minority in my family and my husband's. In order to have cranberry sauce with my turkey on Thanksgiving, I have to bring the cranberry sauce for the meal. I have a favorite recipe that includes a lot of other fruit pieces. Others are often surprised they like it. I blame the canned stuff for giving cranberry sauce a bad rep. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!