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Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas . . .

I always have a needlepoint project at hand
Usually a cushion
Although I don't work tirelessly on the project until it is done
It does keep my hands busy . . .

My latest cushion -- a gift from a dear friend!

I do, however, work in a ornament for the Grands
each year -- a break from the big project!

But at an Estate Sale a few months ago,
I came across a lot of needlepoint Christmas ornaments . . . 
For a reasonable sum
(Actually anything under $30 per is a reasonable sum!)
A very reasonable sum

And with the "Rites of Autumn"
I have been working on these ornaments . . 

Trying to do them with threads on hand, they are coming along

I also went to the city and took some needlepoint classes with friend


Yes, they'll be gifts to the Grands
(although the grey bearded one is mine!)

And Piper's -- all stitched
Just waiting for finishing!

My "bargain" ones
Probably from the 70s or 80s I would imagine
(or maybe earlier -- one is marked $9.60!)

A little angel on a moon
tooting a horn

A sled full of packages

An ice skating rabbit -- er, bunny!

A rocking horse

An angel with a horn

One of the Santas from my class
(which is stitched -- you can see him above)

And two that aren't

I have a few other needlepoint ornaments that I've made over the years
(Mostly long ago)
That we've hung on our tree

My thought this year . . . 

Is to bring the feather tree up
(a real feather tree with feathers!)
Purchased three or four years ago
And never used
But I always wanted one, the price was reasonable and I had some "mad money"!

And put just the needlepoint ornaments on it!
You could see the lovely detail of each ornament
And it lends such a great old fashioned touch to Christmas!

Meanwhile, I'm hard at work to finish these ornaments
by the first of December
So any spare time during November, you will find me stitching away --
Nice days on the front porch
Cooler days in my chair in the living room!

I think that the small feather tree
will be smashing!


Sarah said...

Martha, I didn't realize you were a stitcher. I'm a stitcher too, though I need to get myself back into a routine. I've many ongoing projects. Love the idea of a feather tree with your needlepoint ornaments. I'll be eager to see your tree with all your pretty ornaments. Wonderful discovery with the thrifty finds. As we both know, needlepoint canvas is expensive as are the threads and the finishing. Do you do your own finishing?
Good luck on finishing before the 1st of December.

Angelina at Petite Haus said...

Wow, so many projects! I have completed one big project and have two ongoing for, um, several years... Maybe doing ornaments would be better as they are much smaller and maybe I could finish one! The stitching on those Santas is neat!

Pat said...

L o v e l y Christmas Ornaments, dear friend!!!
I love the ones for the Grands. . .Piper 2015 made my heart warm!!!
I did many gifts for family and friends during our Military years,
but not so much at the present. Perhaps, I'll "pick~up" on those in the future!!!
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous works of art from the heart @ Linderhof!!!

Deb said...

Oh, that tree is so beautiful, Martha. I love it.