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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

O Little Town of Bethlehem . . .

A big part of our Christmas decorations is the Nativity Set
As much as I liked the tree when I was a child,
I think I was most fond of the Nativity Set.
I think, perhaps, because Grandma let me play with it!

Ours is hers
And is in our dining room
As was hers

Away In the Manger . . .

Mary and Joseph and an Angel
Watch over Baby Jesus
When I got the set, there was no stable
And there was no Mary
(time has a way of making things disappear)

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks . . .

There was but one shepherd, the dog and a sheep
(It was fun  adding more shepherds and sheep -
for it doesn't say "The Shepherd" it says "Shepherds"!)

We Three Kings of Orient Are . . .

Two of the kings were missing
And there was only one camel
I found the other two wise men
(and I know the one that was Grandmother's -- it's the one with a chip on it's nose --
I told you I liked to play with it)

I also felt that each wise man should have his own mode of transportation
And so I added two more camels.
They are laying down camels
While Grandma's stood up.

She got the set, I am sure, in the 50s
Perhaps it was Aunt Pearl who bought it
But every Christmas it was put out
And I was fascinated by it.

I'm sure that it was bought at the dime store

Several of the pieces are marked 29
I think the original set was 11 pieces plus the stable
It probably cost just over $4.00 brand new

Which wasn't all that expensive but wasn't cheap either!

The First Noel . . .

Grandmother's Nativity Set (plus)
I have a picture of the set at her house
Back in the 50s
(It may have been new which was why Aunt Pearl took a picture)

When we were first married,
I bought a German nativity set
Old, not antique but old
for it was pre World War II
(which would mean to me the 20s or early 30s)

I really liked the set but as we like one Christmas tree,
I like one nativity set,
so I just keep it stored

Last year, I gave it to Daughter Sarah
for it is the set she grew up with
(and she is the reason that the camel has a broken leg!)

A Nativity set has always been part of Christmas
And there has always been a Nativity set at Linderhof
since our first Christmas in 1988.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I think I've told you before that my mom's nativity is the same. She bought it piece by piece at a dime store when they were first married. Some different colors on a few of the people, but the same molds mostly. Your dog is different. Mom doesn't have the stand of grass below it. We played with the pieces too and our dog's leg broke as it has 4 separate legs. A little glue and he does ok. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I agree with you, Martha. There has to be a Nativity set in one's household to celebrate Christmas. Mine has a history as well but it doesn't hold nearly the sentiment that yours holds. Yours is a treasure, having belonged to your dear grandmother, and I'm so glad you have shared it with us. I especially like all the little sheep. Have a lovely week.


Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have special family heirlooms to decorate with and display at special holidays. I have the manger from my Grandparents home. They knew I would appreciate having it and would care for it well. My grandfather built the manger himself.