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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Different Type of Needlepoint

I always have a needlepoint project going
And for a long time I was very disciplined
Only one canvas did I possess at a time . . .
When I was almost finished, I'd order another

And then I started hanging around with Linda!

She is not a good influence!

My current project

An Erhman Tapestry canvas

A garden sampler
Bought on eBay
(for it's a discontinued canvas)
I adore samplers
(and have several -- not of my stitching-- in the bedrooms at Linderhof)
And I broke Rule No 2 with this purchase
(And that is putting down a project before it was finished and picking up another)

But it's going along quickly

I then found Ehrman had a companion sampler

Kitchen Sampler

Which I ordered on Ebay
(and put it in my "hobby" drawer --
it's third in line to be worked on)

For as soon as I finish the first sampler

I need to continue to work on this canvas
A Christmas gift from a dear friend
And a canvas that I adore!

Needlepoint is such a worthwhile hobby for me
It "entertains" me for a long time
And so the price per hour is very low, indeed!

And I love working with the wools
Plus needlepoint lasts and lasts . . . 
I still have the first pillow I worked on in 1970
And I still have my first sampler that I did as a birthday gift for my husband in 1970
And they look as good as they did when they were first stitched.


Bernideen said...

That is really wonderful! And these will always be in your family - isn't that a blessing!

Pondside said...

I have worked on many canvases over the years Martha - it is truly a satisfying pastime. These days I'm doing more cross stitch. I also knit when I watch TV - somehow I can't just sit with my hands still! I love your canvases. Is there something reminiscent of Linderhof in the house at the centre?

Angela McRae said...

Okay, how did I not know that samplers could be fashioned in needlepoint? I've only ever seen them in counted cross-stitch, but I love samplers and did quite a few of them when I was younger. Your work is gorgeous, and I love that you keep a project going all the time!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Really lovely designs. I hope you will frame some of them.

Rue said...

You reminded me that I need to get going on the needlepoint I started before Christmas. It was supposed to be a gift, but I ran out of time. At least I have plenty of it now ;)

Your punch bowl and cups are beautiful. It made me miss Cass when you mentioned her name. I'm hoping everything is okay in her world.

Your dinner party was gorgeous and believe it or not, I find your table setting exciting :)