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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's Shining!

Not the sun,
well it did shine today
But I'm not referring to the sun

It's the silver . . .
the dining room silver

My work space -- the dining room table
And the silver
lined up awaiting it's polish!!

Napkin rings
And the silver water pitcher

The silver urn
bought with money I earned for an article I wrote for Midwest Living

The silver punch bowl
A 25th anniversary present from Husband Jim
(Because silver is for the 25th Anniversary!)

The chafing dish on the sideboard
(which sometimes doubles as a container for dinner party flowers)

On top of the china cabinet, the napkin rings outline the top,
the silver coffee urn and way back in the back, the silver water pitcher

Tea or punch?
They're shining and ready for a party!

A silver centerpiece and two candleholders with 18 inch candles.

All centered on a beautiful piece of cutwork and lace.

And when I was finished
And the dining room was taken apart, cleaned and put back together,
the windows washed and the silver polished

My hands and the very dirty cloths that polished the silver!
I'm using a new polish that I really liked
It's one of those brands that's sold at antique shops and flea markets
I've used some of their furniture polish and liked it so when I saw the polish, knew I needed some, I bought it.
And I will buy it again!

And to clarify, January is not the only month I polish silver.
It's one of three months that I take the house apart and put it back together.
That taking apart and putting back together includes silver polishing!


Pat said...

It all looks radiant, dear one!!!
I love shiny silver and still use the polish I've used for years!!!
I will check on this new polish when I venture to our local Antique Mall!!!
Linderhof is shiny like the gem she is!!!

Angela McRae said...

I absolutely LOVE to polish silver, so I would have enjoyed helping you with this task! And I also love that you bought that gorgeous urn with money you urned, I mean "earned," from your article in Midwest Living. Awesome!

Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

All the pieces are looking good!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Such lovely silver pieces, you really have quite a collection Martha. I am so bad about polishing my silver, I guess I am just lazy when it comes to doing it. Your punch bowl was a perfect gift for your 25th Anniversary!
Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

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