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Friday, March 11, 2016

Being Versatile

I've been rewatching Downton Abbey
In fact, I'm smitten again
And this time, the rooms, the clothes, the village,  the dinners and the teas
are what my interest is on
rather than the story line
(which I know well)

I love seeing the little details
The tray of whiskies brought to the library for after dinner
The trays brought to Lady Cora in the morning
The flowers and candles on the dinner tables
The taking of tea

Of course, they have servants to move tables from the inside out
To set the tray of spirits in the library while you're dining
To bring the tray with the tea service
And the china to wherever you desire to take tea

But then there are little tables
(which I especially noticed at the Dowager House)
which can be used for tea

I thought of two things
that I needed a table for tea for two in our "drawing" room
(or parlor as I usually call it)
and sometimes for a more casual supper
I'd rather dine in front of the fire
Especially on a cold snowy winter night
or a cool rainy early spring one
What I imagined for tea or supper in front of the fire at Linderhof

And I'm not a fan of folding "card" tables
(although we do have one and do use it sometimes--
but never in front of the fire for afternoon tea)
Yesterday, friend Sally and I went "adventuring"
(what I call it when we go to antique malls and flea markets)
And on the way to meet her a thought struck me --
something to look for
One of those tilt top tables especially from the 40s and 50s
commonly known as "card" or "game" tables
You see them a lot, they're mahogany and would fit well

And I knew just what I would do with it
When it wasn't in use for tea or supper

And before I got to Sally's I realized

I have one!

in the basement
bought years ago from Bombay
(when they first started and they had that great reproduction Williamsburg type furniture)

At the bottom of my stairs
(the downstairs "hall" I call it)

Is this old Christmas cactus on top of a marble topped plant stand
The perfect place for the table

This morning I moved the plant and stand
And moved the table upstairs
And spiffed it up a bit
(read get rid of the cobwebs and dust)
And put it in place

I think it looks good here -- actually better than the plant stand because it fills the space better.
The plant is on top of the table because it likes it here
plus it's easy to move when I want to use the table

But what I like best about the table . . . 

Is that the top flips up
(and sometimes you see them in magazines against a wall with that top up)

And swivels

To make a square table
36 inches square

Which is perfect for tea and treats
or a supper for two in front of the fire

And the scale of the table looks good between the two chairs

Once tea is finished,
the table is swiveled back

And put back in the hall with the plant on top!

The plant, I reason, can sit on the floor whenever we want to use the table
It won't look too out of place.
Much better than a lot of things on the tabletop which have to find homes whenever I want to use it
for tea or supper.

Sometimes we make mountains out of mole hills
And sometimes that solution is right under our nose
Or rather right in our basement!

Don't you just love it
"when a plan comes together"?

Oh, and I was so happy that I figured all of that out on the way to Sally's
that the lovely crochet tablecloth that you see is a new purchase
Found out adventuring yesterday --
It's a perfect lacy tea cloth for a parlor tea!


Bernideen said...

I am very fond of tiny and small tables. I think your arrangement is lovely and near the fireplace is where one wants to be. It is so comforting. I am drawn to small tables like a magnet and love having them near chairs. I also am looking for one of those gentlemen's smoking stands with the 1 door on the front to use for an individual tea table. I saw one recently but the price was high and I'm not in any hurry.

Angelina at Petite Haus said...

Oh such a good idea to rematch downton Abbey for the little details! I like the idea of having a little table by the fire!

Francie Newcomb said...

This is a great idea! I love the feeling that one already has everything one needs.

Sarah said...

Bravo! Aren't you happy you remembered the table? It's perfect for your purpose, looks fantastic in the space where it rests when not in use, and your already had it. We like to eat by a cozy fire too. I need to think of a table that might work.
I want to watch the complete series again soon.

Cindy Lou said...

Looks so inviting! Perfect Table !! Love the warm feeling of the room! Great job!

Bookie said...

Martha, I enjoyed this post an extra dab today. I came a little late to Downton but was hooked once I arrived. I hated to see it end. I love what you have done with the tables and can just see you driving along thinking. I do that too. It just all looks so lovely and I love how you enjoy your house, your life!!

Pondside said...

How wonderful to have the solution right under your nose - or in the basement right under your house! I've seen those little tables but have never been lucky enough to get one - so useful. They are perfect for bridge luncheons, being sturdier than folding card tables.