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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Planting Time . . . Again

As early as I can, I buy pansies for the planters
To replace winter's greens

They are such hopeful plants
They are such happy plants
(for they smile at you)
But pansies are cool weather plants

They were getting leggy
And our favorite plant place, Twin Oaks Nursery was having a sale
It's a win-win!
(See how much the pansies have grown!)

The second front planter
The "chippy" ones
Which Husband Jim wants to paint every year!

And we plant pansies in the planters by the back door
Quite an elegant entrance for a basement door isn't it?
The "baby" pansies planted in February
(I like a mix of colors for I can never decide on just one!)

They've grown nicely and put on a good show!

The back planter full of pansies
(as is the fairy garden!)

And an afternoon . . . 
Linderhof is ready for summer --

Begonias, I prefer red, in the front planters
(The reason red instead of pink or white is that red looks more like fall and so in September, October and even into November the front looks suitable seasonal.     And it saves buying fall plants in October!)

And in the side entrance planters

I ran out of plants before I could finish the back planter!
So tomorrow back to the garden store.
(And this year I got a steal of a deal -- two six packs for $3.50!)

I like standing on the porch and looking at the front planters.


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Looking good! My pansies are still hanging on.

Canadian Chickadee said...

I love it when it's time to bring out the planters and refill them with flowers. Makes the patio look very cheery. Lovely planters, by the way. And the pansies look great. They were my beloved Aunt Sadie's favourite flowers. xoxoxo