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Friday, May 6, 2016


This little lamp has a story . . . 

I bought it in 2001 
It came from an antique shop in Buffalo, New York
And as I'm prone to do, I find something I like
but talk myself out of it
And then, once home, I decided that I wanted it

I called the antique shop
It was still there
(and it's not like calling a retail store with an item number either . . . 
It's like, it's on that bureau that's by the second door on the left . . . )

And it was before cell phones and texting --
It was the "old" days!
We had to resort to my description of the item, the price (which I remembered), and the location in the store!

They found it, I charged my card and they sent it to me.

I had it on the chest at the top of the stairs for several years
and then I tired of it and put it away

I found it a year or so ago
And when I found it I managed to break it's globe!
Silly me!

So it sat on a shelf in the basement

And then when I was rearranging things a bit, I remembered it
and brought it upstairs.

I put a shade on from the sconces in the bedroom and left it there --
trying to decide whether or not I wanted to keep it on Husband Jim's chest
(and so the sconce went "shadeless" while I looked for a replacement)

And yes, I liked it!
It looked good on the chest
(And I'm partial to lamps with crystals -- don't ask how many I have!)

But I needed a shade
One lamp and one sconce equals two
And one shade means one is "shadeless"!

Today, out and about in Butler, Missouri
at a Thrift Store, I found . . . 

 A globe!
Friend Shirley Ann says that it's Princess House
I liked the shape
I liked the price ($2.00)
And I like it on the dresser
I think it's probably from the 20s or 30s
I don't think it's earlier.

And I'm in love with it all over again.

When I bought it, I had it here --

The chest on the top of the stairs
But then I tired of it and moved it to storage
Years later,
 I bought this Astral lamp for the top of the stairs
Much fancier than that first little crystal prism lamp!

I'm happy with the rescue of my little lamp
And the new shade that I found for it.

And it has a good story . . . 
But then almost everything at Linderhof does!


Sarah said...

Of course it has a good story! It's the stories of our things that make them interesting to us and as a result tell our story.
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Mother's Day!

Southerncook said...

Love the new shade better than the one it use to have. Everything should have a story. Was sorry to read that Jim had had surgery recently. I hope he is on the mend.