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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Glow of Mother's Day on a Tuesday

It was a great Mother's Day
My gift from Daughter Sarah and her family

a great cookbook!
Which came early and which I opened
(we don't usually do that but I didn't know it was a gift . . . so I got it early!)

Sunday after church
Husband Jim treated me to Brunch

Our favorite Fort Scott restaurant

 I had an omelet
(It was brunch, after all!)

I'm a gardener as well as a Mom
Gardeners think of

cow manure as a great gift

Or bags and bags of mulch!

Or, of course, a much wanted plant

Thusly, this gift is not strange
At least not for a gardener

I have a garden cart but it's plastic and cumbersome

This is a Worx aerocart

Which I put together!
(without instructions I might add -- of course, it
took me longer because there wasn't any instructions)

It's supposed to do all of this!
(Not that I have any spare refrigerators to move!
but now I can buy 50 pound bags of birdseed and the big bags of dirt!)

I think it looks handsome
It does have bells and whistles which I haven't figured out yet
(but there are instructions on how to use the bells and whistles)
I plan tomorrow to move my big pot plants
with my new "toy"!


Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

I like your new cart. That should be very helpful. You'll have to get some 'action shots' with it. :-)

Southerncook said...

What great gifts (anxious to hear about the cookbook, have not seen it) and I love, love, love that wheel barrow. I think I may have to go searching for that.