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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

St. Paul Lutheran Church - Salad Luncheon 2016

When we lived in Nevada
we were members of St. Paul Lutheran Church
I still have friends there

And one of the highlights of St. Paul's
is their annual Salad Luncheon
What started out as the women trying to earn a bit of money
for a church need
has continued for almost 40 years
And now is a whole church project
Always held in the fellowship hall

A line-up of salad,
A small sweet
And a drink

The kinds of salads are always the same
2 meat
2 vegetable 
2 fruit

But the salads change from year to year
Although some years old favorites are brought back

This year, there was an old and a new for each kind of salad

The 2016 Salads:

This one was vote the favorite at our table

And just a bit of a sweet to end the meal

It's a community event
Not a Lutheran event
And they sell only so many tickets
And each year they sell out way before the date of the luncheon

The place is always packed
And often we find a table with some old Nevada friends to visit with

Three dear friends
Sarah on the left was my Sarah's Sunday School Teacher several years at St. Paul's
Dave and Patsy are also long time friends

And when you have a food event

There is always the "kitchen help"
Who will stop and pose for a picture.

St. Paul's did it again
It was a great salad luncheon
And it's a highlight of Spring for me


Pondside said...

Martha, I am sure I could gain a pound or two just from reading your food posts. The best food! This event looks like fun and I think everyone must really enjoy organising and working at it, otherwise it wouldn't have lasted this long.

Bernideen said...

What an awesome luncheon with so many delicious salads. The food item labels were lovely and helpful and I'm sure the mark the "nuts included".

Pat said...

"Perfect timing", dear friend!
Today, I was just thinking that our Circle hadn't had a "Salad Luncheon" yet this year!
Thank you for such an inspiring posts!