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Monday, September 5, 2016

A Tea Room Lunch

Ages ago I got this cookbook
on a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks

The Tea Room was on Highway 54 at The Lake of the Ozarks
and has been there for over 40 years.
It was part of a boutique, antique shop, tea room

Sadly, I never ate there even though I had the cookbook
Husband Jim doesn't lean towards tea rooms
And so we would choose another restaurant .

And in August we went
(We meaning friend Shirley Ann and I)

It's moved
(Well, actually 54 Highway has moved as well)
And the once busy highway that sped past is now an incidental business route with hardly any traffic!

It's in a "shopping mall" that's been there as long as the original Yankee Pedler
A series of small shops each with an individual entrance

The antique shop is across the street and much enlarged!
We went there first!

Then lunch!

I love menus that tell a story!

We both chose the same thing . . . 

Their quiche du jour
(which was chicken ala king)
with their "go nuts" salad
(which has been on the menu since 1971--
a salad of grated cheeses, chopped peanuts, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, tomatoes, sprouts and sweet green peas on a bed of mixed greens -- served with their house poppyseed dressing on the side)

And since we were celebrating a birthday, there was dessert!

Lemon meringue for me and coconut cream for Shirley Ann

We sipped tea, we visited and enjoyed our leisurely lunch at the tea room.

It's a bit of a hike to the lake (a couple of hours) but there were enough
antique shops and flea markets on the way to make it a fun day.

We'll be back, I'm sure!


LauraC said...

Have you shown us where you keep your cookbooks? I would love to see some photos.

Bernideen said...

We took our friends there a few months back and they loved it. That salad is sure delicious too!

Anonymous said...

I had to smile about husbands and tea rooms. I got my husband to go to one in Chattanooga by offering to pay for it. It so happened that our server was a male, a soccer player from England! So my sweet man didn't mind it so much.

Honey Bee

Pat said...

Dear Martha,
Lovely Tea Room and the cuisine looked divinely delicious!
"Mr. Ed" and I have a scheduled "Tea Room" Luncheon during our
Annual Trout Fishing Trip in Ozark, MO. I'm looking forward to it!
Thanks for sharing your Cookbook and your adventure!