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Welcome to Linderhof, our 1920's home on the prairie, where there's usually something in the oven, flowers in the garden for tabletops and herbs in the garden for cooking. Where, when company comes, the teapot is always on and there are cookies and cakes to share in the larder.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Herbal Program Goes On The Road

This morning
Soon after the sun came up,
and my car filled with "things",
I headed to Springfield, Missouri
for I had a program to give

A program on herbs and cooking with herbs

Eons ago, friend Francie contacted me about giving a program on herbs to her Garden Club,
The Pink Dogwood Garden Club

Of course, I said yes, we set a date and met last month in Joplin
to finalize details.

My "props" -- a couple of pots of herbs, a few herbal cookbooks and my
herbal "bible", Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens  by Mary Mason Campbell

I adore herbs and I love giving talks about them

And the audience was attentive!

But my talk was only part of the event
For the garden club had a regular meeting
and after, we had lunch!

Francie sets a pretty table
(with my love of blue and white I covet that tablecloth!)

Matching napkins, a white plate
My contribution was the recipe for dessert
And a cookie to take home for afternoon tea

An elegant and simple centerpiece of green apples in a compote
I'm not sure Francie could have picked a more perfect centerpiece
for the green of the apples absolutely "popped" against the blue and white

The dining room table was set differently.
A bare table with a runner and matching napkins
(Those I coveted as well and Francie told me that they were April Cornell  . . .
They are on order and should get to Linderhof in time for the September Lunch Bunch luncheon)

A rattan charger, different plates and napkins that matched the runner

It was really a pretty and elegant table!

 And the real orchid centerpiece in the Oriental blue and white bowl
was perfect!

As part of the meeting, one of the ladies brought a box of gardening books
from a member who had passed away.     Her family wanted to share the
books with her garden club.

One by one, the members took a book to take home and savor.

I, as a guest, however, had first choice!

I've never heard of this book although I have her Memories of a Midwestern Farm and I like the stories and there are a couple of recipes that I use from that book,
so I was delighted!

The lunch Francie fixed was seasonal, fresh, and elegant

Tomato pie with fresh basil, a salad of spinach, fresh berries, candied pecans tossed with a vinaigrette, and pumpkin muffins with a homemade cinnamon butter

It made a pretty plate

Whenever I give an herb talk, I like to bring an herbal dessert.
People always think of herbs in savory dishes but people don't bake enough with herbs

I chose to bake an orange yogurt cake

garnished with candied stems of rosemary

Francie thinks of everything . . . 

Each guest received a jar of Francie's homemade pesto as a take home favor

And I brought cookies.    Yes, those are cookies, not seed packets!
Cookies that looked like seed packets!

Each put in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon.
And one put at each place.

For every afternoon, you should stop at half past three
And have a cup of cookie and a nosh!

I can't thank Francie enough for a delightful day,
I missed most of the rain coming and going
But the clouds ket the sun from my eyes as I headed east early in the morning,
And I always enjoy sharing my love of herbs
And my love of cooking.


Marti Smith said...

Very nice Martha!I enjoyed your day from my armchair!

lucy said...

Martha, everything looks so perfect. Are the seed packets on the cokies edible? They are darling.


Martha said...

Yes, Lucy, the cookies are entirely edible.

Entertaining Women said...

That was a spectacular meeting from start to finish, and your contributions took it over the top. I wish that I could have been there. The cookies are amazing, but how? Are the designs some sort of edible transfer? Beautiful! Thanks for inviting us to come along. Cherry Kay

Pat said...

What a wonderful time for your friends Garden Club!
I remember well the classes I've had from you in the past. . .precious memories!
I know you, too, will treasure your book from the party!
P.S. The table cloth and linens were marvelous!

Francie Newcomb said...

One year later-- it was a wonderful day, thanks to you, Martha. You were so generous to come and share with us. We are still talking about your marvelous program. It was special.