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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Of Butterflies and Beethoven's

It's called Long Lips Farm
Because of the goats that once roamed the acreage
The goats are gone
But the gardens remain

All 2 1/2 acres of them
And opened for tour by appointment

Led by "Butterfly Whisperer", Lenora Larson

She was enchanting as she led us on a tour through her magnificent garden
A certified butterfly habitat

And she's marked each plant with it's variety . . .and the variety of butterfly (or moth)
that dines on that food!

Her theory is . . . if you want butterflies in your garden
You have to feed the children!

The flowers in her garden are spectacular!

And each plant must:

If it's an annual, it should self-seed

Be a non-demanding, non-fussy plant

Be a food source for at least one type of caterpillar

And amongst her self-seeders and perennials, she also plants
1000 annuals each year

Because, she is a friend to . . . 
The Children!

A lady bug "baby"

A pipeline swallowtail "to be"

And even spiders are welcome in the garden.
This one was waiting for her mate
for a little "roll in the hay"!

It was a beautiful day
A great day to be in a garden
And Lenora is a knowledgeable gardener
(She is, after all a Master Gardener)
about both plants and butterflies and moths and their offspring.

We finished the tour with tea on her welcoming porch.

If you're ever invited to tour Long Lips Farm, do not hesitate --


The bonus about visiting Lenora and her garden is that it's not far from Paola.

And in Paola is my all-time favorite German restaurant

It's has new owners
And it's moved!

But the food is the same!
Good German Food!

You start with a big roll with raspberry butter.
The rolls taste like my Grandmother's and I rarely find rolls that do

And I ordered the traditional

Weiter Schnitzel with spaetzel and red cabbage.
It's German Food -- did you notice that if it weren't for the red cabbage that the food would all be beige?
German food is like that -- beige!

What sets Beethoven's apart from other German restaurants is their desserts.
Not typically German but good nonetheless.
In fact, probably the best dessert at any restaurant!

I chose the carrot cake
Four, yes four layers of a nut and raisin and carrot filled cake
frosted with yummy cream cheese frosting.
This picture doesn't show how BIG the dessert is
I ate the bottom layer and took the other three home.
Husband Jim and I enjoyed them for dinner that night!

It was a wonderful way to spend a late summer Saturday 
Long Lips Farm and Beethoven's!
All in or near Paola, Kansas

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I neglect letting you know how much I enjoy your posts. You always bring a smile to my face! Thank you. Q